Recovering Church Lady (Guest Post): Inspiring Women Series

Guest Post by Susie Klein @ Recovering Church Lady What Made Them Bow Before A Toddler? I quickly reached for a pen from my purse when I heard that question posed to the church congregation. There was something jarring about it that resonated with me, and being a lover of words, this little sentence wasContinue reading “Recovering Church Lady (Guest Post): Inspiring Women Series”

The Three Trees: A Fable about Gratitude

Gandown, Tribec and Stenwed If you do not believe in tall tales, do not read further, for this, dear friend, is one. The three trees stood together, rooted down, secure in the life they shared at the small town’s only park. Each had seen a good number of years, although they expected a good manyContinue reading “The Three Trees: A Fable about Gratitude”