Journaling through Difficult Feelings

I received a question recently on my Instagram account at thejournalenthusiast. The question is one that I felt deserved more time and space than a quick answer in reply on a social media platform. Additionally, it sparked my mind in forty different directions and that alone warrented taking a step back before hitting reply! Fortunately,Continue reading “Journaling through Difficult Feelings”

200 Day Journal Prompt 51/200

Well, if there is a better prompt for October first, I did not see it! Welcome to our Fall edition of the 200 Day Journal. We are starting off with Prompt 51 of200. If you are new to this writing and journaling adventure, WELCOME! I gave some background which may help you ease into theContinue reading “200 Day Journal Prompt 51/200”

Exploring Expressive Writing with James W. Pennebaker

  You know how we all have a list of top ten people we’d like to meet? I want to introduce you to someone in my top five. I have not yet read his books (they are on my to buy list- but ironically I have read most of his suggested books); However,  I haveContinue reading “Exploring Expressive Writing with James W. Pennebaker”