Give Your To-Do List the Boot and Wake Up to Your Life

Life is not found in long lists, but in the time we live awake to people, possibilities and the present moment.   It’s Sunday. There’s blue sky above, Fall swirling through the leaves and the smell of change in the air. It’s brisk but sunny enough to do anything. I love Autumn with its Orange happinessContinue reading “Give Your To-Do List the Boot and Wake Up to Your Life”

Praying and Living with Joy (@5MFF)

  Happy Beautiful Sunday Morning! On Sunday’s during October, and always, actually, we shift our eyes toward the Holy. How are you liking the Planning with  Purpose series? Is there anything you want me to cover that I have not yet? Please let me know, and I will do my best to address it! TodayContinue reading “Praying and Living with Joy (@5MFF)”

Making Time for Small and Simple Pleasures

    I have a question for you. What is something very small or small that brings you great joy? Consider something experiential more than material. Today’s reflection is a simple one.  If you stay with me, I promise you will come away smiling. I love the word Recreation. Recreation is defined by the MiriamContinue reading “Making Time for Small and Simple Pleasures”