The Passion and Purity of Elisabeth Elliot

I still have the notes… The date was June 6, 1998, and I have ten tiny sheets of Filofax paper as small as my hand preserved to this day.  I have kept them stapled together and treasured them for the wisdom they hold. It was on that day that I sat under the teaching ofContinue reading “The Passion and Purity of Elisabeth Elliot”

Your Perfect Day (Prompt 14)

“Come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest a while.”  Jesus I have taken this prompt a number of ways in my writing before, and used this as an exercise as a planning tool when coaching others. You can write a really imaginative piece and see where it leads, exploring how your ideal dayContinue reading “Your Perfect Day (Prompt 14)”

Magnificent Monday

Picture: Handiwork of the greatest Artist that ever was and IS- God! This has been quite a week, friends. Would you like tea or coffee?  Please, sit down and get ready for a wild ride. Thank you for taking time to visit. So here’s how the week went… Ashley Monday started with another expensive visitContinue reading “Magnificent Monday”