I Am More

Happy National Poetry Month! I am happy to say that I have  finally linked all of the poems shared on this blog in one place- You can find them by hovering over the Writing {is} Life tab or clicking HERE. Tonight I am joining with fellow poets at dVerse Poets Pub and sharing a fresh from theContinue reading “I Am More”

His, Mine and The Story of Forever

  dverse poets pub is a place I love to hang out. Tonight Brian Miller is tending the bar…and we are breaking some rules. I am terrible at following forms, but I am trying to join in tonight, thinking I may have not got it right but still loved doing it anyway. I figure ifContinue reading “His, Mine and The Story of Forever”

The Not So Hidden World of Notnarnia

So, at dVerse this week, Anthony Desmond served up a prompt for “Poetics” saying “Let’s tap into that childlike creativity for today’s Poetics: create a fantasy world, and try to stay away from the familiar; be outlandish in your writing, e.g., trees take root in the clouds and it rains blackberries and oranges, instead ofContinue reading “The Not So Hidden World of Notnarnia”

Real Therapy

The best therapy I have ever experienced has come by the lone seaside stroll- for You are there… The ocean  but a reminder  of the immensity of your grace, the sand granules,  your mercies- who can count?  The sky is the expanse of your love everlasting, each stone a memorial to your handiwork- crashing wavesContinue reading “Real Therapy”