Everybody Wants To Be A Time Lord

  “What’s a Time Lord?”, girl number one asked wearing a quizzical expression. “It’s just the most awesome thing ever,” girl number two continues, “This guy who is kind of alien, but also very handsome by human standards, is the last of his species. He can travel through space and time- anywhere in the universeContinue reading “Everybody Wants To Be A Time Lord”

Daughters, Dolls, and Doctor Who (Guest Post at Finding Heaven)

I have the honor of sharing my heart over at Jen Ferguson’s place,  Finding Heaven today. She has been doing a series called Reflections on Time. I’ll turn comments off here, so you can join the conversation there. If you are a Dr. Who fan, you will feel at home with my words, but ifContinue reading “Daughters, Dolls, and Doctor Who (Guest Post at Finding Heaven)”