Saying Goodbye to The Most Interesting Dog in the World

Today I am sharing a poem I wrote this week as I prepared to say goodbye to our boy, Banjo. Banjo came into our lives in 2008. This past Saturday we said goodbye to him. The past few years have held too many goodbyes for us, but this year- both our cat Aurora -my belovedContinue reading “Saying Goodbye to The Most Interesting Dog in the World”

You’ve Got A Friend (5 Minute Friday-Song)

Thanks to my friend, Mary who always catches me in pictures. She loves that I am a ham!  Every once in awhile I get a song in my head, random. When I do, I just want to listen to it over and over again. For some reason last night, I sat tired and thankful, thinkingContinue reading “You’ve Got A Friend (5 Minute Friday-Song)”

Bella’s Reminder {Faith Life Preservers – Day 20}

Tweet I walk downstairs to my Mom’s cozy Mother-In-Law pad. Bella, her 14 year old black poodle is soundly sleeping. I wake her up to let her out for a bathroom break. Bella shakes her head, and gives me a few affectionate head rubs. It takes her a few minutes to stretch out from theContinue reading “Bella’s Reminder {Faith Life Preservers – Day 20}”