God Is Good {A Mom Moment} (RJD #20)

I have this Mom and Me Journal I started around the time my girl was born. There are some deeply moving sentiments in here from the early days of Motherhood. I am so glad I wrote these, although they were sporadic. They capture my emotions. The tenderness of new mom-ness still dripping from my heartContinue reading “God Is Good {A Mom Moment} (RJD #20)”

Random Journal Day Link Up #9

Welcome to Random Journal Day! Link up your journal post when you can anytime during the week.Check out the other journal links and be sure to leave some feedback.I look forward to digging in my stack and sharing, and also peeking into your journal pages!Thanks for participating!  REMEMBER to Link your post back to this URL directlyso others may find us andContinue reading “Random Journal Day Link Up #9”

Birth Of A Blog: RDJ #8

Close to home: journal share from same time last year… Welcome to my journal. Here you will get a peek into the pages of my heart. Unedited (for the most part) and as they were written. I do leave out portions which are extremely personal or potentially intrusive to those I love; also some ofContinue reading “Birth Of A Blog: RDJ #8”