I Wish (RJD #17)

One of my favorite sized journals! The bee will not sit on a flower that has no nectar.  Neither should the Christian entertain a thought that does not feed his spirit. ~William Gurnall  (The Christian In Complete Armour) I am sharing from this little journal, which happens to be a favorite. But, then they all are inContinue reading “I Wish (RJD #17)”

Random Journal Day #17 Link-Up/Blog Hop

Welcome to Random Journal Day! Hi Friends!Welcome to another week of Random Journal Day!I apologize for being slow on commenting last week, but I read all of the linked posts on the way back from our Maine vacation as soon as we had connection!That was kind of fun. After all, one week of unplugged was good, but itContinue reading “Random Journal Day #17 Link-Up/Blog Hop”

Random Journal Day Link- Up #13

Welcome to Random Journal Day!  Phew! It’s a hot one here in Little Rhody today friends. High 90’s andthanking God that I live close to the beach. Today my sweet girl and I met friends at the beach and enjoyed the day as well as watching the Narragansett Regatta sailboats racing off shore.Tonight, ice cream, coldContinue reading “Random Journal Day Link- Up #13”

Perfectly Purple Prose (RDJ #10)

Hello, fellow Journal Writers! Here is my Random Journal Day share for the purple of purply days.Today I just had to make sure to share the beautiful Peonies that a lovely lady at church picked for me yesterday. I got a sweet message on my phone that if I would like some fresh flowers, toContinue reading “Perfectly Purple Prose (RDJ #10)”