Remembering Your First Journal

      How does one begin a journey? By taking the first step. First steps, those earliest beginnings of what will be, could be. First steps are like possibilities unknown. We take them despite fear, anticipating an unseen outcome. We take them with hope and one at a time. First steps are like theContinue reading “Remembering Your First Journal”

The Journal Keeper’s Journey: Journaling as a Lifestyle (Series)

 “The diary is the only form of writing that encourages total freedom of expression. Because of its very private nature, it has remained immune to any formal rules of content, structure or style. As a result, the diary can come closest to reproducing how consciousness evolves.” ~Tristine Rainer   Today begins a journey for thoseContinue reading “The Journal Keeper’s Journey: Journaling as a Lifestyle (Series)”

Random Journal Day #49 with Featured Journal Keeper Wendy Roberts

  Hello, Friends. Welcome to Random Journal Day on this Easter Weekend. Our link is gathering a little late this Friday but I will be keeping it open until Tuesday at six in the evening. If you are new to Random Journal Day, an extra hearty WELCOME! You can check out the details HERE. Make yourselfContinue reading “Random Journal Day #49 with Featured Journal Keeper Wendy Roberts”

An Unlimited God (RJD Link)

    Well for this month’s Random Journal Day gathering, I am sharing from a journal I loved well! I forget where I found this gem, but it was packaged together with matching stationary and stickers. It was one of those journals I wasn’t sure if I wanted to actually use or keep in theContinue reading “An Unlimited God (RJD Link)”