It’s Never Too Late to Start Again – #LentChallenge

I wanted to just put a quick shout out for those of you who might want to join in for a Lent Challenge. Nothing crazy, really. Just reading your Bible daily. OK, reading through the Gospels in 40 days to be precise. I know, you already read your Bible, right?

Ode To The Master Planner

During October we will break from the weekly format of our Planning with Purpose Series somewhat on Sunday to allow for a worshipful, meditative or devotional writing. You can also use the opportunity to catch up on the posts you may have missed for the week. I have been praying with Moms in Prayer since 2008Continue reading “Ode To The Master Planner”

Desperate Times Call for Desperate…

  How would you finish the sentence? Desperate times call for desperate…actions? Measures, people, phone calls? What would you answer? I challenge you to consider this reality and ask yourself where your trust is. Desperate times call for desperate prayer, first.

Cashing in on Quiet Time? (and an invitation to begin anew)

Prayer is not a business transaction. We do not give something to get something in return. It is relational intimacy. In prayer, at our point of greatest need, we can encounter God and receive His presence. ~ James Banks The past couple of weeks have been challenging around this here neck of the woods…er, um…seashore.Continue reading “Cashing in on Quiet Time? (and an invitation to begin anew)”