Battling Depression with a Notebook (RJD January 2014)

I usually try to share from older journals, but recently I have been sharing, occasionally, from current journals as well. Generally speaking, I always, ALWAYS, keep one continuous ongoing journal. I carry it everywhere I go (most of the time) within reason, and it is a constant companion, capturing my thoughts, prayers, ideas, random poems,Continue reading “Battling Depression with a Notebook (RJD January 2014)”

Love Versus Tolerance

Credit Love is a safe place. It is the place  where all of your puzzle pieces  spill out- are not scrutinized  as they lay vulnerable on the table, but instead gently explored, held up to light, put together again with grace and dignity intact… Tolerance believes you need fixing. Love says, “Beautiful!” Tolerance says, “Acceptable.”Continue reading “Love Versus Tolerance”

The Battle Between My Ears

“Hang in there. Don’t give up!  Is anything too hard for the Lord?  No! Just when you least suspect it—the God of surprises strikes again.  God does that for the faithful.  God is watching.  For all you know right at this moment …  the check may be in the mail.  The apology may be inContinue reading “The Battle Between My Ears”

One Small Step

…He guides me along right paths, bringing honor to his name.Psalm 23:3 It looks like a mountain. A giant. A behemoth. It looks impossible. The question is, “What now?” I shake my head. Something’s got to give. Something’s got to happen. But, what needs to happen? What will it take? Have you ever gotten to the end of the roadContinue reading “One Small Step”