Apart From Love




It won’t matter what you said,

apart from love-


apart from love.


If It Were You



Today, I a have poetic offering…it seems like a long time since I have shared a poem here in this space, and so much has happened…this poem came to me this past week. I may rewrite it.

But, here is a first look.

As you know occasionally these come to me as songs, though I do not sing. I actually sang this after I wrote it because it felt like a song to be sung. Honestly, I will stick to reading my work out loud as that is stretching me enough.

I promise I do NOT want to be a singer. Your welcome. I would not do that to you. ūüėČ It is certainly not my gift but I do not mind singing to my Maker alone. He does not mind the off key, cracked sounds that come from me. But, I will share what has been given.

Thank you for reading. I pray this ministers to you or someone you share it with today! More

The Jaws of Sin VS. Absolute Truth

‚ÄúLook, Chief, you can’t go off half-cocked looking for vengeance against a fish. That shark isn’t evil. It’s not a murderer. It’s just obeying its own instincts. Trying to get retribution against a fish is crazy.‚ÄĚ ‚Äē Peter Benchley, Jaws


As we come to the end of the most wonderful week of the year…ahem, Shark Week. I bring you the next post in my Summer Series, which was coincidentally, originally written in 2012 for my brethren, during Shark Week!

Jaws is one¬†of my¬†all time favorite movies and the greatest of Summer reads – for those who dare. Because I have watched it often, since it’s release in 1975, I have thought about it many times, both inside and outside the water.

If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must rule over it.” Genesis 4:7


One Day Visit (Day 10)


photo credit: h.koppdelaney via photopin cc

What they do in heaven we are ignorant of; what they do not do we are told expressly. – Jonathan Swift

The doctrine of the Kingdom of Heaven, which was the main teaching of Jesus, is certainly one of the most revolutionary doctrines that ever stirred and changed human thought. – H. G. Wells

He whose head is in heaven need not fear to put his feet into the grave. ‚Äď Matthew Henry

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A Merciful Moment

Paintings by Laurie Snow Hein
‚ÄúIf you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.‚ÄĚ
St. Francis of Assisi
I headed out the door today, dogs in tow. I felt we all needed to move. Quiet time seemed…well, quiet. As in, today just sitting in my chair on the patio watching nature’s busyness and pondering, was as far as I got with God. Sometimes quiet time needs to be- just quiet. Bible closed, journal aside, devotions and all other helps laid to rest. Stillness sometimes is what our souls crave. I believe sometimes God is working beneath the surface (for real) and he does not need our help. Except to just sit still.
Then comes the time when I feel I need to move, and dog walking with God often leads to much
 pondering, insights and stumbled upon moments of truth. Just ask the dogs, they know! 
But today as we wrapped up the Post Quiet Time walking excursion, I was going to be led closer to Him, all because of a very small…insignificant to some – life. A tiny life, that most likely may not last the length of this post. These things, all are from God, and we trust Him for all that confronts us with reality in the day called today.
As we three come down the straightaway that our home is on, a road straight and long that leads right down to the beautiful beach; that tempts many to drive beyond the speed limits with hurry and anticipation, I see it. A small, ball of fur stretched out close to the curb, opposite the sidewalk we are walking. I double take, sad, but knowing. I pray for the little life insignificant to many, before me to my God because I know nothing else to ask, but I do- “Please Lord take that little one with you, do not let it suffer”. ¬†No, I did not just see that sweet little head move, did I? I question, Lord, no… please. A small head flops limp. My stomach jumps. The cars speed by. Crumpled life insignificant, my heart racing at the fact. I get the dogs in the house, quickly. I don’t want to go back and face, pain…suffering…helplessness. But I do. I pray for the small life I see. Not wanting an interruption to my day but unable to do anything but¬†what¬†the present moment requires. Mercy. I am all Jesus, now because the coward in me has made herself known- can’t see such fragility…but I avail myself to the moment to that which I have no answer for…these reminders of death.¬†
I had just been thinking about that on my walk. Death. Just as I stood by the tall bushes, dogs sniffing and my mind thinking about the irony of Spring…so full of hope, new life and promise. But also the glimpse of death to come. Spring full of young, fragile life…birds, bunnies and deer. Flowers, lush grass and beauty. Cars, roads and death. I was thinking of¬†Spring, and life and death and how I’m getting older. There is no escaping goodbyes to some as life moves on in years, yet also the abrupt surprises of life taken too soon. Death has always made me angry. ¬†¬†
Before Christ I dared it and feared it. But now I mourn with all of heaven over that which has been brought into the world through sin and rejoice in what will come through Christ’s victory over both sin and death.
I grab paper towel and a box quick in the garage, walk (see me so brave?) right over to this fur I see is a small bunny, praying please let it be gone, Lord, with you wherever you keep sweet,¬†precious¬†creatures that you yourself have made. But I must know for sure the condition of this one. My eyes have seen. My¬†conscience¬†can’t¬†escape.
I stoop down low, caring little about the cars. A bus stops. Two cars stop. All want to see this fragile little life pausing at the tenderness so small. So still. I see his eyes, his rapid bunny breaths, he tries to lift his head. 
I am fearless. 
Who am I?
I press paper towel gently on him Рunsure exactly what I am doing, applying my hands firmly for comfort and stability. Another car stops and the bunny as I try to gently scoop him begins his attempt to flee. But, he is no condition to flee and I hold him, though he gets to the grass in a yard now. The kind stranger stays while I run and get a cage and a towel. Clearer thinking now. 
I think back to the walk I had Sunday, ¬†Mother’s Day; how I saw many baby bunnies playing, feeding and what joy they brought to me. I tried not to think about the road and death then…but I am a mother and mothers think sober thoughts. They look hard at the beauty of life…and death and swallow hard; are brave.
I swallow hard. We, together manage to get the shocked, injured bunny into the cage. I make the drive to our local Wildlife Pet Clinic. I say little to my God on the way except, “Don’t let this be for nothing, Lord.” I then contemplate how everything belongs to Him anyway. I am an¬†emotional¬†basket-case¬†and a calm Dr. Doolittle with a touch of Florence Nightingale thrown in for good measure.
The drive seems long. 
I reach my destination, and bring the bunny in to this place which I am grateful exists. 
I open the hatch and peek in. He looks so …close.¬†
I make my way inside. The staff there (always wonderful and amazing), immediately put me at ease. This is what they do. This bunny has had serious head trauma. But he is kicking. I did what I should have done. 
I drive home, and discuss with my God the fact that I have no idea why he felt the need to bring this into my experience today. He knows me. He knows I could not just walk by that suffering bunny. 
I could have left it you know.
That bunny would have died by the side of the road. 
In a few hours, perhaps. Or days. Hanging on. 
Clinging to life. 
But that was not His fate. 
And perhaps you think I should have just let nature take it’s course.
He might survive or more likely they will euthanize depending on the extent of the injuries.
I trust that it is In His hands.
But God had a plan for me to comfort a dying bunny today.
I don’t know why.
So that’s what I did.¬†
What would you do?

“Not to hurt the creatures brethren is our first duty to them,
but to stop there is not enough. We have a higher mission –
to be of service to them wherever they require it.”
Saint Francis of Assisi

I want to just make a small request if you are reading this today…
Here is the website of this Clinic below. 
Check it out but also support your own local Wildlife Clinic and know 
where it is if you end up needing their services!
Here is their Facebook Page!
Would you give them a “like” for support?
I thank God for those who help take care 
of those who cannot help themselves 
but suffer at the hands of our “progress”.
Let’s be careful driving…it’s WILD out there!¬†


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