Discovering Zentangle (Rediscovering My Inner Doodler)

OK, so this morning I was perusing my Blog Feed when I popped on over to Beverly’s’s Place who happens to be participating in the ICAD Challenge along with me and many others. Well she shared something called “Zentangle” which I decided to try. Since it was a rainy day here, in The Ocean State,Continue reading “Discovering Zentangle (Rediscovering My Inner Doodler)”

What’s an ICAD? (Glad You Asked!)

  Well friends, in case you did not know, I am participating in my very first ICAD challenge.  What’s an ICAD challenge you wonder? Well a wonderfully artsy kinda gal named Tammy has a place called Daisy Yellow, and all these other artsy (and otherwise, like yours truly) peeps create a little piece of artworkContinue reading “What’s an ICAD? (Glad You Asked!)”

Getting My Creativity On! (ICAD 2013)

The Index Card a Day Challenge goes for 61 days  and is hosted by Daisy Yellow! Icard…it’s like an iPod only…um, different. Yeah, different! Anyway it’s ICAD not Icard! Friends I am here to share my latest, greatest adventure. I was strongly wanting to stretch myself artistically…meaning just squeeze creativity back into my list ofContinue reading “Getting My Creativity On! (ICAD 2013)”