Creative Colored Pen Organizer (Makeover Monday)


I am happy to share with you today my very favorite (and simplest) makeover project ever! This one is simple, resourceful and downright practical. Years ago when I began scrapbooking I wants to have an accessible storage option for my pens. One that allowed the pens to stay on my desk, and stored horizontally. I also did not want to rummage through a pen case to find the color or style pen I wanted. Well, I had hung onto a shower gift container that I knew would come in handy “some day” – I KNOW you know exactly what I mean. Well, sure enough it did, and with a few tweaks, I had the best pen holder ever. I decided for makeover Monday, I would clean it up, update the paper, and share it here with you. I hope it inspires you to look around your house, be resourceful and make something useful with stuff you already have! Good luck. Who knows, maybe you still have your own baby shower caddy gift holder stored in the closet!

So, here we have a Re-Purposed Baby Bath Caddy project for Makeover Monday… enjoy!


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