200 Day Journal- Prompt 67

I would love to know how you are doing in this journaling journey… we are heading toward 100 and I have some good news…if you are wanting the first 50 Prompts, I may make them available. Thanks to a sweet assistant working behind the scenes. I will see if there is interest, and if so,Continue reading “200 Day Journal- Prompt 67”

My “Bee” Happy Routine for Stressful Times

The bee is more honored than other animals, not because she labors, but because she labors for others. -St. John Chrysostom First, before I start this journey with you about my little “Bee Happy” routine of late, I want to let you know, Bees themselves have little to do with this post, however I haveContinue reading “My “Bee” Happy Routine for Stressful Times”

Alone Time with Jesus

It’s been a hard week. That is a weak way to start off this blog post today in light of a global pandemic. I’m pretty sure the world needs a big, giant time-out from itself, before it completely melts down due to mental and emotional exhaustion and information overload…oh, heck maybe I am just projectingContinue reading “Alone Time with Jesus”