After the Pandemic

Some will be long in recovery, becauseSome refused to hold their tongues, used a worldwide pandemicto stomp the life out of thosestill breathing with politics, religion, position, on and on and on…forgetting everything precious,they could not hold back hidden malice, which poured forth a continuous venomday after day in comments and posts- every slanderousaccusation againstContinue reading “After the Pandemic”

My “Bee” Happy Routine for Stressful Times

The bee is more honored than other animals, not because she labors, but because she labors for others. -St. John Chrysostom First, before I start this journey with you about my little “Bee Happy” routine of late, I want to let you know, Bees themselves have little to do with this post, however I haveContinue reading “My “Bee” Happy Routine for Stressful Times”

Speak Love

Speak Love Lord, We know you’re not to blamethough we grumble and complainalong the way, forget your name…speak love to us, Lord, speak love. When we’re weary and upsetabout the things we can’t forgetover tragedies we’ve wept-speak love to us, Lord, speak love. When we grow cold and long for homefrom your path we oftenContinue reading “Speak Love”