A Holiday Meditation for the Season and Always

I’ve reached into the archives for this previously shared poem. I pray these words, bless you and offer up encouragement for the approaching holiday season, and for every season of life.  Amen.  May you find in Him the contentment and joy He alone secures!

Enough (RJD April)

  If the sun and moon would doubt, they’d immediately go out. ~William Blake   Welcome Friends, Visitors and those who have stumbled upon this place…per chance. We have a weekly Journal Link-Up and Blog Hop here called Random Journal Day where we share from our very own private, personal pages, and invite you to read butContinue reading “Enough (RJD April)”

When You Long for Sunshine Days

I had a plan for the morning. New week, new day…Monday. But hey, I can roll with it. I mean practically every blooming band has a song about it, but really Mondays are like grace, really. Fresh starts. First day of the week, and a whole new possibility lies before me like an open road.Continue reading “When You Long for Sunshine Days”

How’s Your Heart?

“He who is not contented with what he has,would not be contented with what he would like to have.”Socrates Do you know the condition of your heart? Have you ever considered it? I am not talking about the physical health of your heart, for we know that our lives consist of more than the physical.Continue reading “How’s Your Heart?”