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photo credit: gainesp2003 via photopin cc

photo credit: gainesp2003 via photopin cc


“I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing that I wanted to do.

~Georgia o’ Keefe

I am serving up my Random Journal Day share exceedingly early this week to send out a reminder to my fellow journal keepers and  an invite for those who may be curious to join in. If you keep any kind of journal and dare I say, Planner-you can catch us the first Friday of the month- THIS coming Friday, September 5- through Monday for journal sharing fellowship!


Makeover Monday (Lap Desk)


Hello, Friends. I am cultivating creativity all month in March and maybe beyond. I have enjoyed rummaging through my many paper scraps and am getting organized since my office makeover in January. Since My One Word for the year is Renewal, it is no surprise I’m feeling inspired to make many old things new! Each Monday, I will be sharing a completed projects and joining one of my favorite places in the Blogosphere, Create with Joy for Inspire Me Monday. I hope you will find inspiration when you visit. My inner crafty chick was feeling deprived so I have given her free reign as of late!


Battling Depression with a Notebook (RJD January 2014)

I usually try to share from older journals, but recently I have been sharing, occasionally, from current journals as well. Generally speaking, I always, ALWAYS, keep one continuous ongoing journal. I carry it everywhere I go (most of the time) within reason, and it is a constant companion, capturing my thoughts, prayers, ideas, random poems, quotes etc. It is a springboard and sponge, allowing ideas to jump forth, and also be absorbed.

Occasionally, I keep additional journals. I just laid to rest my 1000 Gifts journal, which I also continuously added to on a regular (not always daily) basis.

Last month, as I struggled not to be swallowed by a difficult season, I grabbed this small notebook, to carry for November, in hopes of staying grounded in good despite feeling I was sinking into a mud-hole.

It is just a random smattering of what emanated positivism to me. I felt negative…I battled discouragement with simple torn and cut paper, and 5 things I could be grateful and over which to rejoice.

Truly, it is a “scrap” book! From scraps, I hung. It sounds silly, right? But when the darkness desires to swallow us hole, the smallest glimmer of light can keep us from the abyss.

A word that brings a smile…rip it out, glue it down. 

A picture that makes the heart beat, hopeful…snatch it up, paste it in!

A phrase that resonates…capture it and keep it close, right before your eyes.

There are seasons we need reminding…and sometimes the simplest reminders of good, hope and encouragement can come in cut pieces of paper, glued down on paper, in a notebook, that keeps us believing we can get through one more day. We see God, still is in it…but we must discipline ourselves to SEE. Open the eyes. It can be a difficult time, but is He with us? Do we have reminders of His love, faithfulness? Yes!

Grab it, hang on to it, cling to the good! The bad will always be there…we must discipline ourselves to seek the good, in the small, mundane and everyday. Sometimes that might just be all we need to hang on. Sometimes a little notebook can be a small tool to help win the battle with discouragement, depression and dark days.

I want you to know that as I did this, it went against everything I felt within. I did this because it was needful. I needed to be do opposite of what circumstances looked like AND what I was feeling.

Please join us for this months Random Journal Day – we meet up and share from our Journals, past or present! 

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Collage: What If … (RDJ #18)

I decided to clean out my Journal trunk to find the 
entry which included my real life  Shark Encounter
and it ended up being quite a messy proposition!

I was initially going to share from the journal which had that story
for this RDJ #18, but once I started to look through the messy pile on the floor,
I changed my mind.
Instead I decided to share this little collage, which I believe was a magazine ad 
that I chopped up, and glued down in my own design. December 7, 1992 is the date.
This little creative endeavor prompted two pages of random endings to the query:
What if…

The original reads:
What If…
My Car Won’t start?
I’m Late For My 10:00?
I Spill My Coffee?
I Run Out Of Gas?
The Road’s Slippery?
I Get Lost?
I Lose My Mind?

Yeah, good life summary for any day on my calendar-especially at this time as I was working @ juggling a Personal Training Business, Bodybuilding Competition, Part Time College Course work and life!
Some days I felt like a pin ball!
I apologize for the picture quality but I am currently still without a camera and relying on my Blackberry Smartphone for all photos. Sometimes this works amazingly well and other times…not so much!
So perhaps you should try the prompt “What If?”
Keep writing anything that comes.
See what you learn about yourself.
Looking back it reveals some of the specific things of that time in my life,
 but a lot of it is recurring themes in my life.
Try it!
Happy Journaling, Friends!

These particular “What Ifs” still resonate with me!
Irony here…

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