How to Help Change the World as a Surfer

  As many of you who follow me know, not only do I live in coastal Rhode Island, but I love this tiny state that boasts big beauty, breathtaking scenery and diverse geography. Although my guest, Jay Recinto, is sharing a message for Surfers and Surfer wanna – be’s like me, I think it is aContinue reading “How to Help Change the World as a Surfer”

On Shark Week and Close Encounters (of the Sharky Kind)

    I’ve seen sharks in the ocean, it hasn’t made me get out of the ocean; that’s for sure. Luke Hemsworth   I am still on my little blog break, but as many of you know I am a fan of Sharks and Shark Week. Although I do not care for all of theContinue reading “On Shark Week and Close Encounters (of the Sharky Kind)”

Summer Devotional Giveaway (RJD Celebration Week!)

  It’s hard to believe that June is almost over and July is about to make it’s annual appearance. Summer is really here. I can hear the sighs. Whether your Summer is relaxed, busy, jam-packed with activities and commitments or leaned back and lazy, I know you could use a sweet word of encouragement andContinue reading “Summer Devotional Giveaway (RJD Celebration Week!)”

Morning Beach Walk With My Nokia Lumia Phone and a GIF(t)

OK, so I still am trying to figure out how to use my new toys. One is my Surface Tablet, as many of you know. The other is my new best friend phone!  I wanted to share the photos from my beach walk today, but I so love the one below, which I was ableContinue reading “Morning Beach Walk With My Nokia Lumia Phone and a GIF(t)”