December 25th?

  Jesus, I don’t know exactly when you were born on Christmas Day or another morn. It doesn’t matter in the end, but on you that I depend, and celebrate every day your Life in me- your Truth and Way. Truly, Your Child Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life.Continue reading “December 25th?”

Christ in YOU! (5MFF)

  The birth of Jesus is the focus of Christmas to we who believe. At least in theory. But, the beauty of Christmas is that this tiny mysterious bundle of wisdom swaddled in hay, laying in manger one Holy Night has birthed an undeniable kingdom as prophesied from the beginning. The beauty of Christmas isContinue reading “Christ in YOU! (5MFF)”

Seasonal Journals (A 5 Year Journal Journey)

    Although it is not the first Friday of the month at this posting, it will be VERY soon! The first Friday of the month is the time a few faithful journal keepers gather and enjoy peeking in one another’s journals. If you are new, feel free to check out the variety of offerings.Continue reading “Seasonal Journals (A 5 Year Journal Journey)”