Journaling with Christmas Cards

Today’s prompt is simple, especially if you are a Christmas Card saver. First you’ll need to gather all your Christmas cards together, or at least your most recent. Then you will have a chance create in your journal or maybe create a new journal all together! I save and need to purge my Christmas cards…I actuallyContinue reading “Journaling with Christmas Cards”

The Greatest Mystery in the History of the World

When I mention the greatest mystery in history of the world, what comes to your mind? Well, as I sat thinking in the early hours I realized there are many mysteries known…or unknown, to mankind, as the case may be. But, like it or not, rejoice over it or not, there is a great mysteryContinue reading “The Greatest Mystery in the History of the World”

Have a Holly, Jolly Quote-mas!

Well, here we are for DAY Four of our 12 Days of Christmas- Journaling Prompts for the Season. You probably have guessed our focus for today’s journaling. There’s nothing like a good old quote to get the creative juices flowing. Well,  let’s hope so. As a matter of fact, I do so love a goodContinue reading “Have a Holly, Jolly Quote-mas!”

Music that Ministers

    I love music. Any kind of music. I love, I love, I love, I love music…I hope the O’ Jays don’t mind, because their words are still swimming in my mind after all this time!   I hope you get the message. I do enjoy listening to music, and worshiping God through singing.Continue reading “Music that Ministers”