4 Seasons of the Writing Life: Season 2-Create




As we move through the four seasons of The Writing Life, I think it is a good idea to keep in mind the fluidity of each and continuing overlap.  I think in the  next two seasons of writing this is most clearly experienced, although we move back and forth between the seasons in an ongoing journey, in writing as in life.

After the season of contemplation comes the point at which what is ruminating within seeks to come to fruition. There is a boiling point, and the bubbling over leads to something culminating… the birth of something new. Something previously  not in the realm of the creator. More

The (Christian) Writer’s Inquiry




Good Morning, and Happy Sunday.

Before I share my still hot from the morning journal pages poem with you I wanted to let those of you looking for Part 2 in the 4 Seasons of the Writing Life series will be live Monday.

Thanks for joining me on the journey today!


4 Seasons of the Writing Life (Part 1)

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One of the reasons I considered NOT participating in the Write 31 Days in October writing challenge has to do with the season I believe the Lord has revealed is upon me in my writing life.

I’ve never really struggled to write or felt like I have had writers block. Part of the reason for this fact is I don’t abide by a specific form of writing, but allow my pen to freely flow as it wishes to go…without judgement. The  more the pen glides across the paper the easier it is to get unstuck. I’m fairly committed to sitting down with a blank page, or blinking cursor on-screen and allowing what will be to be.

However, I committed to blogging with the intention of following the Lord’s leading. Which I feel I mostly have done. Until now.


One Eye on the Horizon


May these words encourage you on the path you travel today…


Random Journal Day #44 with Lynn D. Morrissey and a Giveaway

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Welcome to Random Journal Day!

I am honored to have a special guest as our Featured Journal Keeper this month. I first heard of Lynn Morrissey when I found her words inscribed in an exquisite book which became one of my favorite journaling books ever written, “Love Letters To God :Deeper Intimacy through Written Prayer “. To my delight, my dear blogging friend and fellow journal keeper, Kel Rohlf– shared Lynn’s book and writing on her blog awhile back and I was thrilled to recognize the woman behind the words of the book that I had come to adore for the beautiful artwork, as well as the grace saturated prose that adorned the pages. Over time through comments and e-mail I have been blessed by this gracious journal keeper and gifted writer’s words. OK, seriously, I can only say that I have sat curled up on the couch with Lynn’s book and felt as if she absolutely was curled on the other side sharing her heart with me in person! Lynn is well known in the writing world but maintains a low profile as far as Social Media. She is a Certified Journal Facilitator, a dedicated wife, mother, and I just have to share this: a professional Bach singer! I hope that as you read and reflect on her words, written especially for us, that you are greatly encouraged and blessed in your own writing.


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