Are You A Hot Mess?

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Well, hello friend! If you are here because you saw the title of this blog post and answered in the affirmative, I have GREAT news for you. First and foremost, I want to tell you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Next thing I need to share with you is this…I have got a great book for you whether you know for sure you are a Hot Mess, and need all the help you can get, or whether you secretly believe you are a Hot Mess, and keep it covered up real nice for everyone, but long for help.

Friend, I have got you covered either way, because today I have a book to share with you and a long overdue book review. So, do me a favor, will you? Go get your cuppa, and get comfortable because this book review has a bit of a backstory…


Monadnock Morning



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A poetic offering from my recent weekend in New Hampshire.

If you want to know more about my weekend retreat here, or would like me to write about it in more detail, or do a video coffee chat- I would love too. Leave a comment below.

Meanwhile, I pray this poem I wrote Saturday morning, gives you a glimpse into the beauty I experienced there.

Note: I did share two of my poems on the Saturday evening Talent Show…to keep my fear of public speaking at bay. Onward- for His glory! The poems I shared at the Women’s Retreat (April 28th- 30th) can be read when you click on the linked titles here: Luminary and Anyway .

See my Local Events page for the next public Poetry Reading I will be doing.


The Passion and Purity of Elisabeth Elliot


I still have the notes… The date was June 6, 1998, and I have ten tiny sheets of Filofax paper as small as my hand preserved to this day.  I have kept them stapled together and treasured them for the wisdom they hold. It was on that day that I sat under the teaching of one of the most profoundly wise women I have encountered in my entire life. I am so grateful I was able to be present; because, of all the notes I have written, of all the teachers I have listened to, her words remain powerfully relevant. Timeless wisdom passed through the lips that spoke on that date and the words shared captured by this one willing recipient. More

The Me I Long To Be (Ironing Not Required) @5MFF

photo credit: clotho98 via photopin cc

photo credit: clotho98 via photopin cc


I have a confession I would like to share with you today. I have a hard time with the domestic side of life my life. OK, I’ll just say it. I really Stink, with a capital S at the whole domestic side of life. I am convinced my mother has a gene that just did not get passed down to me. It’s the one that rejoices in ironing. I am not joking. The woman finds ironing therapeutic. Meanwhile my husband knows that asking me to iron would require us both to be in therapy. OK, that is a bit dramatic but you get the point…


Come on over and finish reading the outcome of my epic adventures chasing the ever elusive Proverbs 31 Woman at 5 Minutes for Faith…CLICK HERE to READ THERE.

Random Journal Day #44 with Lynn D. Morrissey and a Giveaway

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Welcome to Random Journal Day!

I am honored to have a special guest as our Featured Journal Keeper this month. I first heard of Lynn Morrissey when I found her words inscribed in an exquisite book which became one of my favorite journaling books ever written, “Love Letters To God :Deeper Intimacy through Written Prayer “. To my delight, my dear blogging friend and fellow journal keeper, Kel Rohlf– shared Lynn’s book and writing on her blog awhile back and I was thrilled to recognize the woman behind the words of the book that I had come to adore for the beautiful artwork, as well as the grace saturated prose that adorned the pages. Over time through comments and e-mail I have been blessed by this gracious journal keeper and gifted writer’s words. OK, seriously, I can only say that I have sat curled up on the couch with Lynn’s book and felt as if she absolutely was curled on the other side sharing her heart with me in person! Lynn is well known in the writing world but maintains a low profile as far as Social Media. She is a Certified Journal Facilitator, a dedicated wife, mother, and I just have to share this: a professional Bach singer! I hope that as you read and reflect on her words, written especially for us, that you are greatly encouraged and blessed in your own writing.


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