Template for a New Year

  I am wishing my readers, friends, and followers here on Enthusiastically, Dawn a Happy New Year. I hope you enjoy my first poetic offering for 2020: Template for a New Year. May you find all you need in the One who is able to satisfy every need you have this year and always. Amen.

Abba, Abba

  Today, I offer you a prayerful poem. Words offered up like breath to Our God from the heart…as we wait, anticipating the joy to come – the hope that is Christmas, and the One who makes all things new, the Eternal Hope Bringer- the Child, that changes everything. Even our hearts. Unto eternity. Amen.Continue reading “Abba, Abba”

You See

“One hundred years from now, who is to say our attitudes in the present day won’t be taken to task?” Michele Bogart         You See   You see, saying, “I see clearly.”   You see, passing judgement in time.   You see, so you say,  the sins of others from long ago days-Continue reading “You See”