Seeing, Unseen

Seeing, Unseen For the longest time you were a desert,dry, desolate, unforgiving…I wept and cried out for youbut you could not see me, you did not hear me. Carrying on with those you already knew,refusing the offerings of those unknown to you,rejecting gifts which could have satisfied many,beyond yourselves… still, you would notaccept the presentation,Continue reading “Seeing, Unseen”

Remember the Birds

Hello soul. You are welcome here…welcome, to be still and quiet, welcome to tune in or tune out…whichever you need to do. It’s Wednesday and I am sharing a new poem, as we still are in this season of Lent…and maybe a season of unprecedented distraction against God’s beautiful presence, power and provision. If youContinue reading “Remember the Birds”

The Victory of Three (2020)

How is your journey going into this season of Lent? What have you learned about yourself, your God, your weaknesses, your God’s faithfulness? Have you found it a struggle or is too soon to tell? Are you finding moments of beauty, are you seeing the Lord’s beauty better? Or are you feeling weary, lean, stretched?Continue reading “The Victory of Three (2020)”