Are You A Hot Mess?

    Well, hello friend! If you are here because you saw the title of this blog post and answered in the affirmative, I have GREAT news for you. First and foremost, I want to tell you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Next thing I need to share with you is this…I have got a greatContinue reading “Are You A Hot Mess?”

Jesus Invites Me by Callie Grant (Book Review)

As one who loves all books and also teaches Sunday School class to 1st and 2nd graders, I was happy to get my hands on a beautiful hard copy of Jesus Invites Me which is part of the Knowing My God series by Graham Blanchard Publishing. This series is an excellent resource for sharing God’sContinue reading “Jesus Invites Me by Callie Grant (Book Review)”

Inspiring Summer Reading

credit I am looking forward to two R’s this Summer: reading and relaxing- on the beach, by the lake, in a hammock, at the park….anywhere OUTSIDE. Hooray for Summer! I am going to try and read the books that have remained, undeservedly, in the stack for far too long. This is my time, baby! GenerallyContinue reading “Inspiring Summer Reading”

Prayer Warrior Mom by Marla Alupoaicei (Book Review)

In Prayer Warrior Mom:Covering Your Kids With God’s Blessings and Protections, Marla Alupoaicei writes 15 Chapters to “…inspire you to establish a new habit of praying for your children with power, authority, gratitude and renewed faith.” While writing it she asked God to reveal some themes that would serve as a foundation for the writingContinue reading “Prayer Warrior Mom by Marla Alupoaicei (Book Review)”