The Passion and Purity of Elisabeth Elliot

I still have the notes… The date was June 6, 1998, and I have ten tiny sheets of Filofax paper as small as my hand preserved to this day.  I have kept them stapled together and treasured them for the wisdom they hold. It was on that day that I sat under the teaching ofContinue reading “The Passion and Purity of Elisabeth Elliot”

A Writer’s Psalm

In the days ahead I will be sharing some thoughts on developing a writing life which will include and emphasize the benefits of belonging to a Writer’s Group, the power of the pen (over the keyboard), why you want to be a journal keeper, writing out of your comfort zone and many more fun, informativeContinue reading “A Writer’s Psalm”

Random Journal Day #45 with Featured Journal Keeper Kathryn Ross

  Welcome to Random Journals Day! Since we did not have the usual first Friday of the month meet up in October I figured I would open the link early so we can get the party started. Hope I will not be the only one here, for too long! I have my post  ready so willContinue reading “Random Journal Day #45 with Featured Journal Keeper Kathryn Ross”