Rise Up America (A Prayer of Hope)

I wrote this poem this morning…it came to me as a song. I am not a musician, but what can I say…I just write what comes. God bless America. Thank you Lord, for this great country, for all the sacrifices and bloodshed it has endured. For all the hope it has shared, for the dreams, visions and hopes you Our Father have had for this adopted child.


Sweet Warrior

photo credit: Juliana Coutinho via photopin cc

photo credit: Juliana Coutinho via photopin cc


When winds blow

through your hair

and you don’t care

and days turn into nights



right there

one into another

and you fear

losing your mind

or worse

time standing still-

a curse

You stand on the brink

of dawn

awaiting the morn-

promised new horizon

wondering whether

it will come

or worse-

it won’t

When words are stopped

when they just won’t come

and you wonder if it’s time

for the message to be done

or your voice

to rest-

a test

You linger in the moment

turn your eyes toward the east

will  Hope come riding

or is there a beast?

Sunrise creeps steadily

across the land

daylight rides mercy

strategically planned

Mount up for battle

ride through the morn

Glory will come

on sunbeams of dawn

Your wait is not a dream

but a prophecy

a slow unveiling

for all to see

Mount up for battle

wind blowing your hair

Alongside a Stallion

You will ride, despite fear

Onward sweet warrior

Your King rides near

Storming the night

with those who dare

to hasten His coming

Who hold out this hope

Mount up for battle,

ride through the morn

Glory will come

on sunbeams of dawn

Glory will come

on sunbeams of dawn.

 ©Dawn Paoletta

I am dedicating this poem to my sweet Sister in Grace, Barbie S.

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