A Gift For Myself (Unveiling)

If we are ever to enjoy life, now is the time, not tomorrow or next year…
Today should always be our most wonderful day.
~Thomas Dreier

Hi, my friends. I am so excited to share with you this special one of a kind necklace that has been made for me to signify my one year blogging journey. I had to unveil it and share because it is significant to me and I knew you would so appreciate seeing it! 

I am not really a “jewelry” person but I had made up my mind that I would get something special to wear to acknowledge my accomplishment & commitment, just for myself. Nothing extravagant, yet I love so many of the creations I have seen as I have met photographers, painters, and various mixed media artists this year. I knew that one would be able to help me by creating a reflective token with my blog as the inspiration. 

Sure enough, Becky Strahle of Farmgirl Paints has made this beautiful necklace for me.

I sent my specifications, which were pretty sketchy -not literally!.
I trusted her to create something unique
using what she felt reflected the blog when she visited. 
Orange is my fave color and she added the little bead as a special touch.
The white beads remind me of the purity of Christ.

Becky has so many exquisite items, and I am grateful she was so willing, able and up to the task of working with me to design this reasonably priced, beautiful token.

My Birthday is not until next month, but I consider it an early gift to myself. 
From my husband.
Hee, Hee.

Stop by and see this creation as well as her many other wonderful 
offerings at her Etsy Shop!

Perhaps, you might request she create something for 
your next Milestone-Celebration!

The only way to live is to accept each minute as an unrepeatable miracle, 
which is exactly what it is: a miracle and unrepeatable.
~Storm Jameson

While we are living in the present,
 we must celebrate life every day, 
knowing that we are becoming history with every work, 
every action, every deed.
~Mattie Stepanek

The ABC’s of Love (Part 2)

Stay tuned for the Real Secret to a happy marriage- at the end!

The idea of an ABC album is such a fun and easy thing to do as a special gift of encouragement as well as a great reminder years after it has been given! It can be as simple as you want it or more elaborate. I gave mine as a Christmas gift but it makes a sweet Valentine gift! One picture per page is fine, I tend to crowd mine. This was also made the first year I started scrap-booking so I was just having fun, and not so worried about making “perfect” pages!

What you need:  A small album
                            Some favorite pictures
                            Adhesive, cutting tools

                        Keep it simple and have fun! For each letter of the alphabet brainstorm memories, character qualities, significant events, fun words and themes that are unique and special to you and your significant other. Add messages, quotes, or scripture to encourage your special recipient. Seek to bless and believe me it will be a blessing for the giver and the receiver in years to come!

The Last Page:
And great advice in a little quip of words by Ogden Nash! 
My hubby is much better at practicing this than I am! 
There you have it. 
A quick, easy to make Valentine Album 
to give your special someone!
Have fun creating it.
Believe me, it is a great visual reminder 
of your thoughts,
 feelings and unique gift of love!
If you make one and share it, let me know –
 I would love to see your Love Album!

So would you like me to continue where we left off in this 
unconventional love story in Part 1?

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