The Screwtape Letters -Providence Debut!




It is a fact one of my all time favorite books, The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis, has been made into a theatrical production. It is also a fact that I was thrilled to hear it would finally be coming to the stage, here in Rhode Island. The best news of all is, I will be in attendance and am thrilled to the gills (didn’t know about my gills, eh?), that I will be able to tell you every detail of my experience in an upcoming post!

So pardon my excitement, and a shout out thanks to Micheal Gravison and The Vets for making it possible.

Now, you fans of C.S. Lewis, Screwtape, Narnia, and Aslan, and all of my fellow Tolkien, LOTR fans and friends- take heed and check out the details from the Press Release below (Press Release below) and stay tuned for my follow up- or even better-hope to see you there! (Insert Dance of Joy here!)



His, Mine and The Story of Forever

photo credit: B.Riordan. via photopin cc

photo credit: B.Riordan. via photopin cc


dverse poets pub is a place I love to hang out. Tonight Brian Miller is tending the bar…and we are breaking some rules. I am terrible at following forms, but I am trying to join in tonight, thinking I may have not got it right but still loved doing it anyway. I figure if it can be wrong then I might get it right…but what if it’s supposed to be wrong and I actually got it right but that would make it wrong. Ha!

I didn’t really break it…but instead I tried to remake it?

I had decided to try this form…The Cento. And right off the bat I was told I could not use the writer’s words since Cento is like a poetic version of collage using pieces of other authors’ work. However, since I can make or break the rules the way I want…ahem, ala Mr, Miller (our host), then um…well…here is my offering.


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