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One Night in Boston (How to lose a car, make a friend and find God in 24 hours) Pt 3

We Are Never Off God’s Radar
Well here we are on the final leg of this journey…
If you are popping into this little post, you need to know this is the last of three. Part one and two are here:
The Adventure Begins…
Men Hate to Ask for Directions…
And now we conclude this little Boston adventure…

 Can I go anywhere apart from Your Spirit?
    Is there anywhere I can go to escape Your watchful presence?
 Even if I am afraid and think to myself, “There is no doubt that the darkness will swallow me,
    the light around me will soon be turned to night,”
 You can see in the dark, for it is not dark to Your eyes.
    For You the night is just as bright as the day.
    Darkness and light are the same to Your eyes.
Psalm 139:7, 11-12 (The Voice)

I slip into the back seat and hubby sits up front. We have accepted the help of a local stranger who has  offered to take us to the parking lot…and help us figure out just which one it is. The fact is, we had a card with the lot address on it, but it was pretty useless to us for two reasons: 1.We were completely unfamiliar with area. 2. Hubby thought he knew where we needed to go and was completely convinced he was headed in the right direction. Did I mention he is Italian?
You know what I’m saying?

I have a question for you. Have you ever been convinced you were going in the right direction only to find out that you had it completely wrong?

Our angelic host and personal chaperon Tito refused to give up on us. “I’m gonna get you to your car.” We were now his mission. He drove us from one end of the city to the other, trying to locate the specific small lot where we left our car approximately 6 hours earlier. The trouble was there were two areas at opposite ends of the city with the same name. Hubs was convinced we parked near where we left our daughter. I was convinced otherwise, yet not so sure I knew whether it mattered since everything looked the same in the city after walking all night.

Everything looks different in the dark.

After weaving and whizzing through the the city streets, we made a final loop that retraced our ride almost exactly from Fenway Park into the city. As we started to see the city coming from this angle, it hit my man…we both recognized the reality. We had been walking completely in the wrong direction for the majority of the time. This took us further and further from our ultimate destiny until our friend Tito (aka Clarence) showed up.

But, the fact is God sees everything clearly.
My sin. My husband’s sin.
All sin.

This is what the Lord declares,
 He says to His children…mercy.

He sends us His immeasurable grace, as we pour out wrath on one another. See, while we were yet sinners, God was authorizing Mercy. Grace. Peace. Good. He was authoring our happy ending…IS continuing to write His story in each one of our lives as we open our eyes to His truth!As we stumble around wondering if He sees us. Sees me in this city…lost, angry at my husband. Following him through a maze of pavement and mad about it.While my husband is convinced he has it under control and he doesn’t, but God sees it all and He says MERCY!

See, even when I am wrong, God says MERCY.
When my husband is wrong, Mercy.
When we go astray, convinced we are going the right way, He commands Mercy!

I have a message for you.
Wives, your husband may be sincerely wrong, and believe he is right.
This frustrates you and causes you to fret.
But God is faithful.
He sees all, perfectly.

 You can see in the dark, for it is not dark to Your eyes.
    For You the night is just as bright as the day.
    Darkness and light are the same to Your eyes.

Stop fretting and start trusting because God is trustworthy, faithful and true.
If you trust God, even when your hub has it wrong, He will take care of you both.
Your response when your hubby is wrong: Mercy!
God’s response when you are wrong: Mercy!
As we approached the lot with great relief, my hubby kept shaking his head in disbelief.
He completely forgot a portion of our journey from earlier. It was so obvious we both had forgotten where we started our journey.

But God never lost sight of us.
Not for one second.

As we slid out of Tito’s car, I thanked him. He refused to accept anything for his help. I told him I was thankful to God for him.

He gave me a big smile, “I must have been sent for you.”

With a nod, wave and one more check, asking if we would be OK to get where we needed to go- he drove off into the night.


“Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can.”
John Wesley

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One Night in Boston (How to lose a car, make a friend and find God in 24 hours) Part 2

How Do You Lose A Car?

This post is the second of three. If you want to catch up, Here’s where you can read Part 1.


After our 5 hour walking tour of the city, we get the call- it’s time to head back to pick up our daughter. No problem.
“Honey, which way back to the car?”
“We just need to follow this road.”
“Okey, Dokey.”
One small problem.
It’s dark and somehow, someway we are unable to find the lot our car is parked in.
My hubby is determined…convinced we parked in a certain area.
I am so geographically challenged I limp along behind him, hopeful, trusting.
At first.
A half hour of walking later…I am starting to rub my temples.
We have walked and walked and doubled back and still no sign of thus said lot.
I glance upward at the night sky, noting the stars and follow my dear hubby reluctantly.

There is a storm beginning to brew between us.

Is it a fact or a myth that men don’t like to  refuse to ask for directions?
When my husband actually relents and asks strangers, I begin to panic.
Surely this one sign assures our complete hopelessness!
It is like the final frontier. I’ve known him for 30 years and can count the times he has asked for help, let alone directions. I start to meltdown. These almost 50 year old hips start to ache (look at me getting old!). I am getting hate texts from my exhausted daughter from across town as she is waiting for us.
I begin to hyperventilate, when the phone slips from my hand, smashing into at least 5 distinct pieces on the ground. He looks at me and states, uncharacteristically, “Hope you didn’t break it, because you’re not getting a new one.” Hubby and I are at a standoff, about to have the mother of all marriage fights, big guns about to come out. Our voices are loud, Italian sign language (wildly flailing arms) is being used freely and thankfully we are so far away from the hub of the city now it doesn’t matter.
Enter Clarence Tito.

If you are a fan of It’s a Wonderful Life you will appreciate that Clarence is sent to help George Bailey at his moment of hopelessness. Well, God sent this feuding couple a soft spoken, easy going, out for a walk, Bostonian named Tito.
For some reason Tito is not taken aback or afraid of us.
I quickly sum up whether he is a killer or not.
After a minute or two of talking with him, I assess he is reasonably safe.
I can tell my hubby (much less trusting than I) is doing the same.
Plus, let’s face it…we are at Tito’s mercy one way or another.
Perhaps he is wondering the same about the crazy Rhode Islanders he has stumbled upon.
He confirms we are about a 30 minute walk from where we need to be, and offers a ride.
“I grew up in Boston, I can get you to the lot and get right on the highway and head home, it’s trouble at all.”
I look at my husband and know this is the ultimate question for any man.
Will we accept the help offered from this stranger?
I wait to see what he will say, eyeing him behind Tito’s back, waiting for the nod of approval or disapproving, “don’t even think about it” look.
He’s tired, and lost and I get the nod.

My (almost) 50 year old hips rejoice – along with my blistered feet.

We are also for the moment sidetracked from our wrath toward one another and our arguing whether we are near Fenway, the city or in Never-Never Land for that matter.

But there’s still more…and God shows up, as always just in time, only to remind us He has been there all along. Tomorrow join me for the conclusion of our Boston adventure and invaluable take-homes for our journey!

Post goes live at 12 AM Eastern Standard Time!
Hope to see you then…or shortly thereafter!

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One Night in Boston (How to lose a car, make a friend and find God in 24 hours) Part 1

Meanwhile in Boston…
My desire is to lead a quiet life  live life as an adventure. I see my life as one long journey home. I am headed to the Promised Land, no doubt. But it seems that God has much for me to learn along the way…or maybe I am just one extremely slow learner. Either way, I know He has a good time training me for eternity and is loving me completely all the way home.
My latest adventure lesson included a journey into the celestial city of Boston, an Angel in disguise and  one lost car. It had been a stellar night out with my hub, walking around Downtown Boston, on a beautiful, sunny afternoon taking in the sights and sounds that make up city life in June. Brides in the parkseverywhere, ducklings and squirrels vying for my camera lens view, a Swan nesting in Public Garden The Freedom Trail and “people watching” as a sport. Boston is rich with architecture, history and beauty from every angle. The city beats to the sound of it’s own rhythm and it’s palpable. There is an energy and East Coast aura unique to Boston, no doubt. It is positively contagious.

We parked the car…or should I say porked the core in Arlington (pronounced “Ahhh-lingtin”)- a small but important detail we forgot to note at the beginning of our little adventure. We had dropped our daughter off for a concert (with a sweet chaperone) near Fenway park. (Remember this point  as my husband seemed to remember it to a fault!) The Sox were playing at home so heading away from Fenway (important note here as well) and closer to the city seemed our best option for parking and the night.

We ventured all over the city including Faneuil Hall aka Quincy Market, at least two of the local Starbucks locations, The Commons, and more. Good thing I had on my sneakers. If I were wearing a pedometer, it would have malfunctioned. Or imploded. Our mission: an inexpensive a cheap but fun night in Boston. Lofty, yes? Impossible- no way! But, a lot of foot action-we walked for miles. Literally. There are street performers on every corner, we heard an excellent Bruce Springsteen (sadly I’m not a fan!), a cellist, violinist, multiple other musicians, witnessed theatrics, various artists, break dancing and so much more. We figured we would enjoy the best of Boston, take it all in, grab our kiddo at the end of the night and head home.

Easy Peasy, right?

Well, the fact is, it is easy to walk around and have an entertaining night in Boston enjoying a plethora of activities for next to nothing. Where there is a will there is a way!

But “porking” is another matter altogether.

Join me tomorrow for part two of this Boston adventure when you will meet an Angel  a Bostonian, named Tito, who quite possibly saved our marriage.

Or at least the night!

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