Ode To The Master Planner

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During October we will break from the weekly format of our Planning with Purpose Series somewhat on Sunday to allow for a worshipful, meditative or devotional writing.

You can also use the opportunity to catch up on the posts you may have missed for the week.

I have been praying with Moms in Prayer since 2008 and one of the favorite Names of God I’ve discovered through this weekly prayer ministry is God as The Master Planner.  As one who adores her planner, and all things which enthrone planning it is no wonder I like the reminder and affirmation of my Father’s  ultimate authority which is magnified in this attribute/title. .

Today I have a wonderful gift to share that came to me during my Quiet Time with God yesterday.

Initially I titled it “Being with God” as I was doing just that, but then I decided I wanted it to be an ode to the Name which keeps this planner chick in check!

It is both a poem of affirmation, and a snapshot of my morning as I sat cross-legged in my comfy green chair, while the family still slept, Bible and journal in lap.

May your Sunday be blessed as you seek your Master Planner today.


Finding Spiritual Whitespace (Book Review)


Every once in awhile a book comes along with the capacity to change you, touch you, breathe new life into what you thought you already knew. It messes with your preconceived ideas about who you are and what you are doing. It slowly seeps into your soul the way tea disperses itself  in all of it’s magnificence into hot water. You find yourself awakening to the beauty of the truths that speak out from the pages.

Every once in awhile a book comes along that has the power to convey truth in a way that it takes hold of you in personal ways in which there is no escape, unless of course you close the book and determine to remain unchanged, unscathed, bound tight in the bud.

Beauty unawakened.

Finding Spiritual Whitespace is this kind of book. It is a book that will draw you into places you may not have wanted to go. But, if you go, the way may be initially unclear, the territory uncharted, and the outcome unsure but the one thing certain is that you will not remain the same.


Your Perfect Day (Prompt 14)

“Come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest a while.”  Jesus

I have taken this prompt a number of ways in my writing before, and used this as an exercise as a planning tool when coaching others. You can write a really imaginative piece and see where it leads, exploring how your ideal day would go. Or you could allow the prompt to assist you, as a tool to help  brainstorm possibilities of having a better day with your specific goals in mind. Today we imagine our perfect day and plan away with our pen…


Helping the Good Samaritan in Me (RJD link)




Well, I apologize for being late to my own gathering but I am ever so grateful for my fellow Journal Keeping pals who make sure to show up and make themselves at home anyway! One of the prompts for this past week on our 21 Days of Journaling in June  journey is titled Lists, Lists, Lists and is a prompt based on the lists we make and use in our lives.


What is “Spiritual Whitespace” ?



Pain. Who wants it? None of us. Who would want to bring up the painful past, anyway? Isn’t everything better when we press on, fight the good fight, stiff upper lip, let the past stay in the past, right? Stuff it back there in the way, way back, of the dark closet. Forget about it. Get on with life.

Well, Bonnie Gray has just released a book that drags the past out of the closet and into the grace-filled light and peace found only in God’s gracious and very real presence. Finding Spiritual Whitespace is about the journey we all must take to be truly whole.


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