Post Christmas Video Attempt and Why I Am Not a Public Speaker

12/27/13-update: I am working on the video if you are unable to see or hear it! Sorry for the inconvenience, I am really still learning all these gadgets! 

                                                             Here is the YouTube Link

Happy day after Christmas, friends. I am just experimenting with my new tablet. I have no idea what I am doing but I am learning. This video is my first and it is a very informal candid what it actually is like to see me first thing in the morning! I thought I would practice, shamelessly with you all. I suggest scrolling to the bottom and pausing the Beach Surf loveliness to hear my so soft -HA- voice.

One of the biggest reasons I write instead of speaking is because …well watch the  above video and you will understand. Then the 20 second video below, says it more succinctly…

Click here for Up clip

Feel free not to share…consider this our little moment. 
Dug understands me. And I him.
Praying the day brings you love, peace and smiles.

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