How to Help Change the World as a Surfer


As many of you who follow me know, not only do I live in coastal Rhode Island, but I love this tiny state that boasts big beauty, breathtaking scenery and diverse geography.

Although my guest, Jay Recinto, is sharing a message for Surfers and Surfer wanna – be’s like me, I think it is a great message which applies to all of us as people. This earth is not our own, yet we all have a hand in it.

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Our Momentary Troubles (When Life Feels Messy)


Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.

James 1:12

I walk the the beach on a cloudy morning, noting the beauty and changes as beach season makes its debut. The sand is combed, less rocks under my feet, and the new lifeguard chairs stand stark awaiting the bustle of Summer days. Morning acknowledges few walking the shoreline, I can walk and talk aloud and look like a crazy person to none but the gulls. For the most part they are too busy to bother themselves with the solo conversationalist infringing on their breakfast buffet. I have a history of seeking Him by the Sea. Not that He won’t meet me anywhere. But here, at the edge of the unknown, water meeting sand, is where we have serious quality time. He presses me with truths, surrounds me with beauty (and tragedy – more on that in a moment), staggers my senses with the work of His hands. The surf tends to be a place God does a reality check with me. He tweaks my perspective. Not that He can’t do it anywhere. But somehow, He and I meet there and I am alive with the mysteries of eternity and wisdom that stretches from the depths of the sea to the expanse of the sky. Just me. And Him. On the sand.


On Shark Week and Close Encounters (of the Sharky Kind)

photo credit: candiche via photopin cc

photo credit: candiche via photopin cc



I’ve seen sharks in the ocean, it hasn’t made me get out of the ocean; that’s for sure.

Luke Hemsworth


I am still on my little blog break, but as many of you know I am a fan of Sharks and Shark Week. Although I do not care for all of the Shark Week shenanigans, I do appreciate the efforts of researchers, marine biologists  and many others who share fascinating facts about these amazing, mysterious creatures. As one who is drawn to all of God’s Creation, I can’t help but ponder the diversity, beauty, darkness and brutality that co-exist in our current reality.


My mother asked me recently, “Why do you like Sharks so much? Why not Dolphins?”  Why am I fascinated by Sharks? I find all of Creation to hold aspects and mystery about the Creator Himself  that we have yet to understand and within them lies dormant incomprehensible truth. Why am I fascinated with Sharks? That’s easy…God made them and in them also lies a part of The Creator’s divinity and  power. NO, I don’t worship them, but respect them as part of His ultimate Creation. I also love Dolphins, Mom. I just don’t hate or reject creatures (or people) just because they behave true to their nature (could do a whole post on that).


Summer Devotional Giveaway (RJD Celebration Week!)



It’s hard to believe that June is almost over and July is about to make it’s annual appearance. Summer is really here. I can hear the sighs. Whether your Summer is relaxed, busy, jam-packed with activities and commitments or leaned back and lazy, I know you could use a sweet word of encouragement and a few breezy mornings when you press pause on L-I-F-E to ponder that which is not fleeting.

An extra copy of one of my very favorite devotional books made it’s way into my hands and I am giving you the chance to enjoy it for yourself! 


Shoreside Thoughts on Perspective (what we need to get through today)


It pains me to start a sentence with the same old line. The line that I feel keeps finding the repeat button in me life. It goes like this: I’ve been going through a difficult situation, or maybe this, “Circumstances have been challenging lately.” 

As I considered this today, I recognized the fact of the matter is life is difficult. Mostly. There I said it. Life is mostly difficult.

Life presents circumstances that offer us a choice, daily.

I walked the beach and came across a perfect shell. Beautiful, unbroken. That it was completely intact surprised me. Because the winter does thrash shells, stones, and even ships. All take a beating and some find their way ashore, broken, tattered, a fragment of their former beauty. Sometimes they are unrecognizable, so changed by the journey. Yet, here before me, lay this exquisite pristine beauty. It had not a crack. It’s complete intactness got me thinking about our own “intactness” and where it is derived.


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