The Visionary and The Delinquent

The Visionary and The Delinquent (A contrast of two lives) One lives by convictions, imperfectly; while one judges by  standards, he himself can’t keep. One stands attentive, faithful; flawed The other wipes his mouth, demanding more. One steps in, to cover in grace, The other steps, boastful; resents his place. One dies daily, a livingContinue reading “The Visionary and The Delinquent”

When War Wages

The Battle of Anghiari (1505) by  Leonard da Vinci  (Wikpedia) What would it take to heal these wounds? Truth. Why can’t I speak it? Afraid that truth will kill all love? Does Truth kill Love? Confrontation. War wages. Truth. Love. God is Love. Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, the Life…” The Truth. Jesus isContinue reading “When War Wages”

Will They See Jesus?

“Christians, like physicians, should vow to do no harm. But forgive us, Lord. Because we do.”Dave Burchett My heart has been heavy the past few weeks. There have been light moments. God has not stepped off His throne or stopped shining His beauty and light with reminders of His constant love. But my thoughts have beenContinue reading “Will They See Jesus?”

The Battle Between My Ears

“Hang in there. Don’t give up!  Is anything too hard for the Lord?  No! Just when you least suspect it—the God of surprises strikes again.  God does that for the faithful.  God is watching.  For all you know right at this moment …  the check may be in the mail.  The apology may be inContinue reading “The Battle Between My Ears”