Gifts for the Dreamers, Writers and Otherwise Creative Friends on Your List



I got a message earlier this week from a friend inquiring about “journaling” gifts and asking for my suggestions. She gave me a brief description of who she was buying for and wondered what I would specifically recommend.

Well, shopping with other people’s money is my joy! Even if only in my head. Opinions I have, and opinions I share. So, since this is a question I get often, I have decided to share some of my very favorite repeat purchase products for journaling.

I’ll catch my planner people with another post.



Considerations for Choosing Your Next Journal


Pictured above are journals and notebooks from Barnes & Noble, Art Alternatives, Alvin Heritage, Disc-Bound (DIY with Erin Condren special order covers), Erin Condren Simple Notebook, Markings by C.R. Gibson, and EvZ. Standing up is a homemade gift journal from my friend, Wendy.


How does one go about choosing a journal?

There are a lot of things that factor into my own journal choosing exercise. Considering the chosen journal will be my partner for the time designated, which can vary anywhere from 3 weeks to 3  months, this is a big decision for me.


My Journal Love: Leather Violet Peony Journal


This month Random Journal Day falls on Easter Weekend…which means to say it is EXTRA special. Actually it means that everyone is probably really super busy. As for me, I am joining in with a different sort of post for this particular occasion.


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