Give Your To-Do List the Boot and Wake Up to Your Life

Life is not found in long lists, but in the time we live awake to people, possibilities and the present moment.   It’s Sunday. There’s blue sky above, Fall swirling through the leaves and the smell of change in the air. It’s brisk but sunny enough to do anything. I love Autumn with its Orange happinessContinue reading “Give Your To-Do List the Boot and Wake Up to Your Life”

Your Social Media Diet (How’s That Working For You?)

Credit If you’re like me (if you’re here- you are), you like your share of social media. However, if you really are like me (stop resisiting the admission), you will admit, that sometimes you overindulge. The question is: how can we have our Social Media cake and eat it too? Well, I have been contemplatingContinue reading “Your Social Media Diet (How’s That Working For You?)”

Your Perfect Day (Weekend Writing Exercise)

 If you could write out your perfect day, what would it include? Would your ideal itinerary include activity, or is taking care of your physical health and mental well being so far down the To Do List that it’s hard to imagine what that would even look like? Well, I am here to support you along your journey to a balanced, healthy state ofContinue reading “Your Perfect Day (Weekend Writing Exercise)”

Announcing: 31 Days of Fitting in Fitness in October (The Nester’s Challenge)

Heads up! If you have not heard the news yet, here it is: In October I will be joining in for my second year at the Nester’s place to link arms with Bloggers from around the world to share in a fabulous endeavor: The 31 Day Challenge is the chance to blog on anything thatContinue reading “Announcing: 31 Days of Fitting in Fitness in October (The Nester’s Challenge)”