Getting My Creativity On! (ICAD 2013)

The Index Card a Day Challenge goes for 61 days  and is hosted by Daisy Yellow! Icard…it’s like an iPod only…um, different. Yeah, different! Anyway it’s ICAD not Icard! Friends I am here to share my latest, greatest adventure. I was strongly wanting to stretch myself artistically…meaning just squeeze creativity back into my list ofContinue reading “Getting My Creativity On! (ICAD 2013)”

Random Journal Day Link-Up: October 2012

Credit Welcome to Random Journal Day Happy October! I hope that you are enjoying the Fall season. It is one of my favorites for sure. I am torn between Winter and Fall for favorite Seasons! Since Orange IS my favorite color,  I really appreciate the foliage and decor that dominates this beautiful time of year.Continue reading “Random Journal Day Link-Up: October 2012”

Treat yourself to A Retreat! {Jumping Tandem: The Retreat)

Photo Credit What comes to your mind when I say the word “retreat”? Well,what comes to my mind is horizon.  As in new. New horizon. I found out that some of the sweetest, most dedicated in His grace bloggers  I know in this Blogosphere are coming together and offering  a really great opportunity for discovering new horizons.Continue reading “Treat yourself to A Retreat! {Jumping Tandem: The Retreat)”