My Needy List {RJD February 2013}

Sometimes I look back in my journals and what surprises me most  is how some things don’t really change.  I need these still. Even today. Some days the order is different. Some days the portions are larger in some areas and smaller in others. But I do still need His grace to supply these needs. Continue reading “My Needy List {RJD February 2013}”

Random Journal Day Link up {February 2013}

Welcome to Random Journal Day!Rules, Schmules…Check them out HERE! Please share your precious journal pages with us! Inspire us, encourage us and be inspired and encouraged yourself! Writer’s, Artists, Journal Keepers of all persuasions! Welcome, welcome ALL! This week I am sharing a few quotes about Journals, Journal Keeping, and Creativity!Enjoy! “For any writer who wants toContinue reading “Random Journal Day Link up {February 2013}”

Random Journal Day Link/Blog Hop {January 2013}

Credit Welcome to the first Random Journal Day of 2013! Did you all crack a new journal for the New Year? My favorite thing to do after I take a journal writing break by journaling in my Thanksgiving to New Year  Christmas Journal (which I keep on the computer and print out each year) isContinue reading “Random Journal Day Link/Blog Hop {January 2013}”

Christmas Inquiry (RJD December 2012)

It was fun (and sometimes painful) looking back through my journals at Christmas past! I loved coming across this entry which was written before my hubby and I became a couple but were BFF’s. I had completely forgotten about this particular Christmas, or at least the details and stuff going on beneath the surface. Isn’t that theContinue reading “Christmas Inquiry (RJD December 2012)”