When the world clamors loud, we can run to the honesty of nature and trust the quiet communication of a poem. Poetry, photographs, paintings and sculptures- all creative efforts  speak to us in a language all their own. Let’s listen.  

Art Pass (Prompt 9/21)

photo credit: demandaj via photopin cc It is Friday and  I do have a video to share. This morning I sat at my kitchen table and wanted to encourage you on this journaling journey. My intention was a short video…I guess I need to work on that! However, I think you will be blessed byContinue reading “Art Pass (Prompt 9/21)”

Blueberry Loft Designs: Hand Lettering Artist Extraordinaire

Have you ever felt so inspired when looking at someone else’s writing that you felt moved to improve your own? Well, when I think of my dear bloggy, fellow Journal Girl and inRL friend Dawn Maurice, I get crazy excited, because she creates the kind of beautiful writing that makes me long to slow down,Continue reading “Blueberry Loft Designs: Hand Lettering Artist Extraordinaire”