Up. Rise.

Cracked open good, this needed break.At first, we run but can’t escape.Beautiful truth pours down like lightfilters through clouds, brings clear sight. Heaven breaks through sky to the earth,a slow, steady illumination…I was wrong!I could not see… until God in His goodnesswashed over me. Beyond the rage, and hate- outside the cage,I contemplate the waysContinue reading “Up. Rise.”

You See

“One hundred years from now, who is to say our attitudes in the present day won’t be taken to task?” Michele Bogart         You See   You see, saying, “I see clearly.”   You see, passing judgement in time.   You see, so you say,  the sins of others from long ago days-Continue reading “You See”

Rise Up America (A Prayer of Hope)

I wrote this poem this morning…it came to me as a song. I am not a musician, but what can I say…I just write what comes. God bless America. Thank you Lord, for this great country, for all the sacrifices and bloodshed it has endured. For all the hope it has shared, for the dreams, visionsContinue reading “Rise Up America (A Prayer of Hope)”

Have We Forgotten?

Today I watched livestream coverage of the 9/11 Tribute from New York City. My heart aches new each year in light of the historical aftermath of the tragic events that unfolded on this date fourteen years ago. What is in my heart, and on my mind in light of all, is better expressed for meContinue reading “Have We Forgotten?”