Writing to God (Week 5-Guest Post by Stacy Artis)

Credit   Hello Friends! I hope your writing journey is going along well as we head into the next weeks leading right through Palm Sunday and onto Easter (Resurrection) Sunday! Honestly, I am finding myself feeling especially blessed with the writing prompts and Rachel’s words. It’s like opening a little present every day! Well I amContinue reading “Writing to God (Week 5-Guest Post by Stacy Artis)”

A Place For Faith: Calling For Testimonies

Photo by Mary Lynch Hello Friends,I have a special treat and feature for you. I am opening up my Faith section for all to share their testimonies.You do not have to be a blogger, you just have to know Jesus. Share your story by contacting me. Let’s glorify Him and tell our stories. Welcome toContinue reading “A Place For Faith: Calling For Testimonies”

A Dog-Eyed View of God?

Me and my adoring shadow. There is great wisdom to be found in the company of dogs. Do not be deceived by their easy going ways. Or for that matter by their charming persuasion. God often reveals himself in the mundane. Or the Great Dane. To those who have eyes to see, these canine counterpartsContinue reading “A Dog-Eyed View of God?”