Moms Don’t Have Five Minutes For Faith?

I have had the privilege of writing alongside fellow bloggers from around the world for a sister site of 5 Minutes for Moms for the past few years. 5 Minutes for Faith, along with 5 Minutes for Books, is one of the offshoots of this website that encourages readers with bite-sized posts written especially with busy momsContinue reading “Moms Don’t Have Five Minutes For Faith?”

How to Fight (Daily) Discouragement @5MFF

  There’s a saying about the little things in life. It’s the little things, so the saying goes that can end up being the big things. This can be true in relationships, careers, and attitudes. A teensy mouse can terrify a huge elephant, and so the story goes, one young man with the proper visionContinue reading “How to Fight (Daily) Discouragement @5MFF”

The Ultimate Blog Party 2014 is On!

Hello, and welcome to my place here in the Blogosphere. I’m Dawn, and you can read a bit  about who I am  here and for a rundown of what happens regularly  at this WordPress Blog check out the Welcome to the Beach page. If you’d like to know why all the ENTHUSIASM, check out Why Enthusiastically,Continue reading “The Ultimate Blog Party 2014 is On!”