She Fancied Herself a Reader (alas it was just a dream)

My head is spinning and I have been having a hard time focusing on reading with preparing for Home School, last minute Summer excursions and general randomness. Oh, did I mention we have had a huge decluttering going on in the house?  I still refuse to part with but a few books, despite Saturday yard sales for most of August! 
I did start a couple of books, but due to my focus factor have relegated them to the “to read” list!
They include:
Paris in Love by Eloisa James – I do love a good memoir- and picked up this book one wonderful night at Barnes & Noble. I sipped Starbucks, enjoyed my Rice Krispie Treat (standard order) while reading this little gem. Timing is everything and focus, as well.
  Borrowed Names by Jeannine Atkins- how can I resist poems about Laura Ingalls WIlder, Madam C. J. Walker and Marie Curie AND their daughters? Resisting due to timing again… this looks like a great winter curl up with tea read!
The Fault in Our Stars by John Green- My daughter read this and insists I read it. She made me read The Hunger Games, which I really could not put down. Fact is my daughter can read five times as fast as me. Anyhoo…
Meanwhile, I have a Giveaway for this sweet devotional going on: 1000 Gifts Devotional by Ann Voskamp. What more can I say than, it’s divine. But if you want to know more check out the Review and Giveaway.

Of course I did not read this whole book, but I am going to use it for my daily reading starting September 1. I reviewed the NIV Homeschool Mom’s Bible, so if you are in the market for a fresh start for the school year with a new Bible just right for you as a Homeschool mom- Here it is! 
Another devotional I read is Jesus Today by Sara Young. My thoughts are available at the link, but I am a fan of this faithful woman. I find her writing is spiritually rich and truly ministers grace. This one is great for anyone facing a long trial with health or discouraging circumstances. 
hand in Hand – A True Life Story by Holly Otten is a beautiful journey of faith from an incest survivor’s own first hand experience. I happen to know Holly as she is a local author and friend. This is a life changing book and presents some challenging, faith busting truth- by that I mean, it will push against denominational boundaries in a beautiful way…oh, goodness just read the review, and check out my interview!
One book I recently received for review was Board Book called Jesus Invites Me. It turned out to be such a pleasant surprise. Written for 0-7 year olds (and for kid at heart types like me) it takes Matthew 11:38, lays it beside beautiful photographs and matching explanation appropriate for young ones. I am looking forward to sharing this with my 1st and 2nd grade Sunday School class! 
How about you? What have you been reading over the Summer?
What is your favorite type of book?
I think I need to stretch my Fiction Reading Muscles over the Fall- any recommendations? 
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What I Read on Vacation (WOYN July)

Summer may be busy but during our recent Maine vacation we had plenty of time to kick back and read. Even my read resistant hubby read an Agatha Christie mystery. We had some rainy days but also the lazy sunny kind that lend themselves well to oodles of chapters read lakeside. Our sweet cabin actually has a small bookshelf in it with all kinds of delightful books. Even, I, who came with my own stack managed to find a book I could not put down. Literally. The small paperback discovery was Sundays at Tiffany’s by James Patterson. I rarely read fiction but this is the second book I have read by Mr. Patterson. When my daughter was newborn I read Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas and I remember having the same feeling I had while reading this book. It just is compelling reading to me. 
I started Saturday and finished Tuesday night. Record time for me. I am the slowest  reader ever, as I jump from book to book. 
Anyway, there is also this great place which is called The Emporium. Basically it is someone’s garage filled with books. I call it the Second Heaven of Maine. It is walkable and I made a few trips during my stay. I got a few treasures for a few dollars (shown above). Phew!
Here’s the thing. Most of these were not even on my Summer Reading List. Maybe this is why I am never caught up. My list expands along the journey. 
One of the best books I found and am currently enjoying is 100 Portraits of Christ: Meet The Master In A Gallery Of His Many Names And Titles by Henry Gariepy.
Short chapters and some unique names and rich biblical insight make this one a keeper. I hit the jackpot with this find. 
I finished Bread and Wine by Shauna Niequist and trust if you haven’t hear about it you really should.
Sundays at Tiffany’s by James Patterson- OK, so I get that this is a romance, not my usual fare. I saw the reviews of others which range from mild disdain to outright hate. But the fact remains, I could not put it down, and it was a wonderfully imaginative read in my opinion. Not deep, mind you but not without a childlike indulgence either. I indulged and thoroughly enjoyed this story of a lonely girl with an imaginary friend and the bizarre, possibly cheesy ending. What can I say my inner lonely girl loved it! Judge me, I don’t care. 

Crafting Calm– This was a fun read and very inspiring. I did not read it all, but perused it. It is filled with quotes and craft projects as well as journaling prompts for connecting with creativity beyond the superficial. The journal prompts alone made it worth the reading. Exploring spiritually, emotionally and mentally with crafts more or less. I got it from the library and wanted to renew it but it was on Hold! If you are creative, crafty or just want to be, I think this is worth checking out. As a side note, there are multi religious and spiritual components, it is not exclusively Christian. That, my friends in itself should not stop you from checking it out. I hope. 
I am about halfway through my dear friend, Holly Otten’s book called hand in Hand which details her life story as a Sexual Abuse Survivor and the miraculous God who healed her and continues to guide her amazing journey!

The Sheltering Tree: Selected Poems by Marion Louse Nichols and Robert Frost’s Poems, were great poetry finds at the Emporium and I like to snack on those types of books. 
Check out what I am reading here:
my currently-reading shelf:
Dawn's book recommendations, liked quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists (currently-reading shelf)
So what is on YOUR Nightstand, Beach Bag or To Read List?

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Look What I’m Reading (What’s On My Nightstand :January))

Well it’s that time of month again. Not THAT ONE…What’s on the nightstand time of month over at 5 Minutes for Books. Seriously, I feel lately that 5 minutes is all the time I have to read on any given day. But aside of being the slowest reader in the world with an ever growing book stack, I will share my giant sized desire to become a more than 5 minutes for books a day reader!

I am reading these now:

Lifted By Angels: The Presence and Power of Our Heavenly Guides and Guardians I am enjoying this book as it takes me on a journey through scriptural support of the role of angels in God’s redemptive plans from Genesis through Revelation. I would have finished this already but for Christmas, New Years, and a whole bunch of other crazy life distractions. It is worth a read for those who want to delve more deeply into this trendy topic. Personally it has me considering how much bigger that great cloud of witnesses really is than I had formally imagined. 

Laura Rath is hosting an online study herself at place: Journey In Faith– and I joined her for the journey with @ 27 others from around the world! 
Finally Free: Living Free and Loving Life by Kim Tabor is a perfect start to my new year- not too heavy, not to light: Just Right! Kim shares her transformation as a Believer as she shares her FOCUS (acronym) for Focus, Restoration, Enjoyment, and Empowerment in our own Christian lives!

Lisa Tener’s Quick Start to Kick -Start Your Book is full of exercises that are practical for the writing life. Lisa is on a mission:  “My mission is to empower thousands of authors to write their books, transcend this economy and transform lives.” and she shares how we as writers can avoid the pitfalls of getting started on our book project and offers practical exercises to get started…and finished. 

31 Days of Praise: Enjoying God Anew by Ruth Myers-This is one of those must read books for all Christians. Learning what it means to praise God has the power to transform every aspect of your life because it helps us know God not just as the giver of all things but as the only one worthy of our praise! A wonderful read as well as supplement to daily Bible reading and/or quiet time. 

What I finished :

I reviewed The Secrets of Intercessory Prayer and found it to be one of the best books I have read to date on the subject. 

As a Lord Of The Rings Fan, I had to read this fabulous read by Jim Ware. Loved it and Reviewed it here: Finding God in the Hobbit.

God Is In The Manger This was a recommended read from my sweet bloggy sister Shanyn  and having just finished 40 Days with Dietrich Bonhoeffer over at Bible Gateway for the 3rd time it seemed like a perfect addition to Christmas reading. Bonhoeffer’s reflections are deep, moving and powerful. This Advent devo goes right through January 6th (The 12 Days of Christmas and The Feast of Epiphany). Get it for next Christmas season and be blessed!

The Latest Addition to the Stack :

 The Open Window: 8 Weeks to Creating an Extraordinary Life

This book was sent to me as a gift from Catherine Galasso Vigorito and her publisher and let me tell you I can’t wait to read it! I have an advanced readers copy and am truly blessed to have it in my hands. It was released this past December and I am considering this as a possible candidate for an online study later here at Beneath The Surface: Breath of Faith this year. If you are interested in joining me let me know! I am thinking March-ish. 

Don’t hate me because I am the slowest reader…
Sing with me:
I’m a ponderer, yeah a ponderer, I read around, around, around….but slow. 
What’s on your nightstand? 
(Said with a pirate voice as in “What’s in your wallet?”)

What's On Your Nightstand

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What’s Still On My Nightstand…

Excited to be reading these two books by Elisabeth Elliot

Well, thanks to Lisa over at Lisa Notes… I am going to attempt to come clean. I am very behind on my reading again but since I can write about my “still reading” list (thank you, Lisa for inspiration)- I will share the reading list. But if you visit her she has some wonderful books she has been diving into and also stop by and see the many other ambitious readers at 5 Minutes For Books.

What I finished (walking the walk of shame… as this is my shortest list ever!)
The Grace of Giving by Marja Meijers- Which I reviewed HERE. Put it on your own MUST READ list. It’s short but excellent writing. Rich.

Still Reading (Yes, really!) :
Goodness Gracious Green by Judy Christie
Bringing Up Girls by  Dr. James Dobson
Praying For Your Prodigal Daughter by Janet Thompson

And then I Added These
The Journals of Jim Elliot by Elisabeth Elliot
The Savage, My Kinsman by Elisabeth Elliot
Breaking Free From Anger & Unforgiveness by Linda Mintle, PH.D.

I have been meaning to get to This:
Heaven In Her Arms by Catherine Hickem

Big confession and conclusion. I do NOT like to read books on my computer so I bailed on the Online Study by Rene Swopes. I love the idea of the free book (and appreciate it) but miss my Kindle in that I could read in a relaxed place. I do not have a laptop, so curling up to read this and the other free books on my computer is about as appealing as say… scooping my eyes out with a melon ball spoon…um, sorry. I just can’t sit at the computer more than I do for blogging and other research, work etc. Sad.

Don’t hate me because I am the slowest reader ever…just visit the others!

What's On Your Nightstand

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