Because…Sometimes Rest is the Best Choice




Because, my eyes can barely stay open, after two and a half hours of sleep in the past three days.

I think I’m hitting the wall, but there’s just one more thing I can squeeze in.

Because 5 minutes of writing seems like a good thing to do, despite my heavy lids.

But, I confess it has been worth it.


On Finishing Well (or just trusting God)


I’ve always longed for a Happy Ending.

Not a Happy Meal, but you know, that end that all little girls dream about in their deepest places. The places that get pressed down, shushed and forgotten.

I’ve settled most of my life for glorious beginnings. And I’ve had quite a few.

The fact is, it’s the finishing well, these days, I long for. Am longing for but suspecting I am incapable of…ultimately.


Almost 50



Where do I belong?

Right now…

I ask myself and like a misplaced puzzle piece

I’m missing.

Closer to 50 now

than ever before

and I ponder meaning differently

than ever before.


Friend: A Holy Connection (5MF)



Friendship is a safe place, where one can lay back, arms behind the head looking up at the clouds as they pass, say nothing, and all is good.

A friend is one who never gives up on you, a million graces given for no other reason than they accept you. Just. As. You. Are. Flaws and all… better still are the friends who just don’t see all those faults you see in yourself. They hedge you in on every side with grace. Oh, yes,  a friend is a good, good thing!

A friend is a surprise God allows into  your life to remind you, He’s got your back, and when He loves you through the friends He brings into your life, there is a holy connection. Uncomplicated, precious and beautiful. He handpicks our friends, each holy connection to magnify His love.

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