Coming Soon: 31 Days of…

  I almost fell off my chair when my dear blogging friend, Barbie (My Freshly Brewed Life) mentioned something about the 31 Days hosted by The Nester. I mean, WHAT? Where did the year go?   I have participated in the 31 Day Challenge of writing on one topic for 31 days for the pastContinue reading “Coming Soon: 31 Days of…”

Your Perfect Day (Prompt 14)

“Come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest a while.”  Jesus I have taken this prompt a number of ways in my writing before, and used this as an exercise as a planning tool when coaching others. You can write a really imaginative piece and see where it leads, exploring how your ideal dayContinue reading “Your Perfect Day (Prompt 14)”

The Twelve Days of Fitness (Fitting in Fitness in December)

Credit Fitting in Fitness in December. It’s kinda like bowling- upside down and backwards…but worth it in the end. You may not get all the pins down BUT you’re likely to hit a few just for the trying. Well, here comes Santa Clause, Here comes Santa Clause, right down Santa Clause Lane… ’tis the seasonContinue reading “The Twelve Days of Fitness (Fitting in Fitness in December)”

31 Day Challenge Ends (Fresh Start for November- Invite!)

Credit Congrats to all of you who have made it through 31 Days of Fitting in Fitness! Congratulations, also, to all of my Blogging friends who have made it through the Nester’s #31Days! Thanks to the Nester for hosting this great challenge. Our 31 Day Challenge is over today. I have been pondering our nextContinue reading “31 Day Challenge Ends (Fresh Start for November- Invite!)”