31 Day Challenge Ends (Fresh Start for November- Invite!)

Credit Congrats to all of you who have made it through 31 Days of Fitting in Fitness! Congratulations, also, to all of my Blogging friends who have made it through the Nester’s #31Days! Thanks to the Nester for hosting this great challenge. Our 31 Day Challenge is over today. I have been pondering our nextContinue reading “31 Day Challenge Ends (Fresh Start for November- Invite!)”

Frequently Asked Questions? (#31DaysFitinFit)

Credit Today I address some random questions about our 31 Days of Fitting in Fitness. Please feel free to ask me ANYTHING today in the comments section and I will be sure and answer. Be nice, though.  Q. Why did you come up with this challenge, and how did you decide on the details? A.Continue reading “Frequently Asked Questions? (#31DaysFitinFit)”

Check In and Fitness Journal (Week 1)

So is anyone on the planet actually doing this Challenge with me? Anyone at all? I have gotten requests for the printout to be sent through e-mail and Scribd has lots of views…but are they all just me? HA! Well, I hope you ARE doing this challenge, and if not, you better give me aContinue reading “Check In and Fitness Journal (Week 1)”

Just The Stretches (31 Days of Fitting in Fitness)

To make this easier, I thought I would post the stretches and exercises on their own stand apart posts. This is the handy dandy Anytime Stretch Routine. It is not all inclusive but just a sequence of stretches that I think flow well. I will show you some great stretches, sources and links in theContinue reading “Just The Stretches (31 Days of Fitting in Fitness)”