200 Day Journal Prompt 54/200

New week, new prompts! Mondays are magical in my opinion. We step into a week of fresh possibilities…the magic in Mondays is exactly the magic of renewal, refreshment and restoration. Last week is history and the new week beckons we step forward in faith. I am for that kind of magic, how about you? IContinue reading “200 Day Journal Prompt 54/200”

Weekend Journaling-Prompts 52 and 53/200

Welcome to the 200 Day Journal, weekend edition. Today we have Prompts 52 and 53. If you are just starting the journey, here is a a great place to start: The 200 Day Journal Continues… on Instagram and Beyond . If you prefer to call them Prompts 2 and 3, that’s OK by me- especially ifContinue reading “Weekend Journaling-Prompts 52 and 53/200”

200 Day Journal Prompt 51/200

Well, if there is a better prompt for October first, I did not see it! Welcome to our Fall edition of the 200 Day Journal. We are starting off with Prompt 51 of200. If you are new to this writing and journaling adventure, WELCOME! I gave some background which may help you ease into theContinue reading “200 Day Journal Prompt 51/200”

The 200 Day Journal Continues… on Instagram and Beyond

Announcement! What is the 200 Day Journal? The 200 Day Journal was started in the Summer of 2018 when I decided to put a two dollar 200 page ledger I had purchased on clearance at Staples to good use. My goal was to create spontaneous journal prompts on Instagram to inspire and encourage journaling ofContinue reading “The 200 Day Journal Continues… on Instagram and Beyond”