All is Calm, All is Bright

Well…here we are, close to the anticipated Day. It is the most amazing thing to anticipate the coming of a special event or occasion. So much planning, so many details to attend. What goes off perfectly without a hitch? Well, I will tell you… The eve of the birth of the Christ Child, everything leadingContinue reading “All is Calm, All is Bright”

Santa for President!

No matter how you feel about Santa Clause he is pretty unavoidable is some shape or form. I never really remember much about Santa growing up, and as a mom felt uncomfortable simultaneously telling the truth about Christmas while also perpetuating a lie about a jolly, old fat man sneaking into our home and leavingContinue reading “Santa for President!”

Journaling with Christmas Cards

Today’s prompt is simple, especially if you are a Christmas Card saver. First you’ll need to gather all your Christmas cards together, or at least your most recent. Then you will have a chance create in your journal or maybe create a new journal all together! I save and need to purge my Christmas cards…I actuallyContinue reading “Journaling with Christmas Cards”