All is Calm, All is Bright

      Well…here we are, close to the anticipated Day. It is the most amazing thing to anticipate the coming of a special event or occasion. So much planning, so many details to attend. What ever always goes off perfectly without a hitch? Well, I will tell you… The eve of the birth ofContinue reading “All is Calm, All is Bright”

Santa for President!

      Santa may never be late, but I am! So off we go for the weekend…er, um and beyond post! No matter how you feel about Santa Clause he is pretty unavoidable is some shape or form. I never really remember much about Santa growing up, and as a  mom felt uncomfortable simultaneouslyContinue reading “Santa for President!”

Journaling with Christmas Cards

  Today’s prompt is simple, especially if you are a Christmas Card saver. First you’ll need to gather all your Christmas cards together, or at least your most recent. Then you will have a chance create in your journal or maybe create a new journal all together! I save and need to purge my Christmas cards…IContinue reading “Journaling with Christmas Cards”