Just for Today (A Poem of Thanksgiving)




Today I offer a few words I wrote back in 2011 when I started blogging and sharing my thoughts online. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, going through…may these words be words that edify, and multiply thanksgivings in your soul.



#1000 Gifts and Counting – New Journal Reveal!

My 2014 Joy Dare- counting blessings daily. 
My (not so) Secret journal is one I began with many, along with Ann Voskamp. I dedicated a small notebook to the exclusive task of the counting. 
By my bedside is where I prefer it. But, on a bad day, or a desperate one, I’ll grab it and take it with me. I toss it in the book bag, or purse. Because when I feel least grateful, and the storms are kicking up, and when I lose sight of God. I do this one thing. I look hard and seek. I start my counting and it saves me. It is this continued practice…that keeps me, and my eyes heaven-bound, instead of bound by the things on earth that bind me. 
Yes, I’m a little late in my jumping back into this particular journal activity, but after looking at the fancier ones, I set my feet to the drugstore and once again purchased a simple Cambridge-Mead Notebook– This particular one is just the right size for me to hold and write in anywhere. It has a heavy card-stock cover which is great for my ModPodge collage cover. It also has a pocket, although I did not use it much, but one never knows. It has 140 pages and measures 7 in x 4 3/8 in. 
I actually also kept an online count separately- on Mondays, but I am unsure if I will continue. The Monday post, that is, not the counting!
I don’t do the three a day that Ann prompts, but I just count away as they come! 
Here is the first journal dedicated exclusively to the counting to 1000 and beyond. 
After perusing many fancier journals, this habit gently nudged me to stay with the simple spiral bound notebook that escorted me through my first counting of thousands…
Side by side, new and old.  

The first gifts...

My last counted gift…onward! 
Will you be keeping a Blessing or Gratitude Journal this year? 
Will you count your blessings?
Will you take this Joy Dare– right where you are?

Join Me for Java and Fireside Chat?


Here it is the Monday before Thanksgiving and all is calm, all is bright. Oh, wait, I’m getting ahead of myself, aren’t I? It has been awhile since I shared a Miscellany Monday Post but I really was hoping you and I could have a cozy chat, like old times. Oh, and if you want to go ahead and link a recent post in the comments, I would love to see what’s been happening in your neck of the woods.

#514 November 12: I was thrilled with the first appearance of snow for the season,
although it was brief and light. I’ll take it.
 The Red Maples in our yard made for wonderful snow holders! 

#515 Hubby has made these Pumpkin Scones twice and each time they disappear!
I asked him for the Link to the Recipe to share, for those who want to give them a try. They are not too sweet, and oh so scrumptious.

#516 I thought this was too cute a picture to miss!
The couple stopped to look over the Sea Wall
and their Fur Kid was not about to miss the view!
 Smart Dog!  Adorableness defined! 

#517 Of course you know who is my Top Dog, right? Banjo, gets around Rhode Island a lot. He favors Narragansett, naturally. Here he is sitting on the rocks at Pier 5. 

#518 I’ve been enjoying making Christmas Cards this month. Below you can see some of the varieties. I like to do different creations on different days. So I might make a batch of a similar theme, style and color combination. Whatever comes to my mind. I love creating randomly. My cards are pretty simple, but I enjoy the spontaneity, freedom and surprise of winging it! I never know ahead of time what will come of these “Creative Sessions”! If you are noticing the TP on my desk- I ran out of Kleenex and my allergies were bothersome. A wise woman told me once, “If it’s good enough for your behind, it’s good enough for your nose.” OK, then…moving right along.
I will share a post with all my cards coming up soon.
 SO easy and fun!

#519 Here I am at my Blogging Station.
Hubby grabbed this pic while I was being my usual goofy self. 

Look! No hands Blogging!
Yes, I’m kneeling. No, it’s not as hard to do as it seems.
Quite comfy actually.
In December, I bring you the 12 Days of (Fitting In) Fitness. That will be a commitment to Fit in Fitness twelve times during the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Simple accountability. 12 times. That equals approximately 3 times a week-however that looks is up to you. It can be 15 minutes or 50 minutes or anything in between or beyond. Get ready to plan how you can make it happen. I’m not dishing out the workouts, just getting you to think and plan ahead. What will it take for you to fit fitness in during December? 

#520 Latest book stack. See Whispers of Hope by Beth Moore? If any of you would like to get a copy and join me with working through this 10 Week Journey, I am considering starting it in January. Check it out at Amazon, or a bookstore if you get the chance. It is a 70 day prayer venture…which will be 10 weeks. Just a heads up there. Zowie. Any takers? This is a tentative thought…and a biggish commitment. Do we dare? Hmm…

*Prayers still needed for our family as we are undergoing a difficult circumstance with a loved one. 
Hanging onto God’s faithfulness during this time. Reminded of how He holds onto us when we feel ourselves sinking deeper into despair or hopelessness; when we feel ourselves losing our grip…He never loses His grip on us.
He truly is my Faith Life Preserver. 

Monumental Monday- Celebrating 1000 Gifts (and Counting)

Steppingstone Falls in West Greenwich, Rhode Island
A very hidden place!
 My sweet girl took this picture Saturday as we enjoyed an impromptu
walk in the scenic woods of our beautiful state, Saturday afternoon.

My BIG news breaking is that not only did I have a wonderful weekend with much to thank God for but I also hit 1000 in my “paper” 1000 Gifts Journal. I actually keep two, AN online (here at the blog) one and my spiral bound, handmade version. Pictured below.

Here is my 1000th!

You can see Aurora watching over my every move.
Guaranteed, if I lay open a book, she is there.
She actually was sitting inside pizza boxes this time. 
Sister Ashley. She lays by the food bowl and heater all day.
No flies on her. She does sleep on my stomach at night.
Like a heating pad.
I wrote a little Christian Meditation  this weekend.
Confident Heart

I am excited to attempt to do Rene Swope’s Online Book and Bible Study beginning April 1!
If any of you remember I failed my last attempt! However it led to a wonderful surprise and the pictures below. So obviously it was a blessing that I failed? AT least it proved He does work things together for good… and God Sized Surprises!

This was all due to a very, sweet, thoughtful friend named Kristy who decided I needed this book because I was not having the Kindle version. I like REAL books. 
I am READY to DO IT! No Fooling, this time!
Onward to A Confident Heart.
Feel free to join me. Just pop on over to Rene’s
to find out more and sign up!
Saw this movie and loved it. I will Blog my thoughts on it as I thought there was so much more to love about this story and will argue the fact with anyone who wants to go at it.
I love the heart of the movie, and the heart of it’s main character.
Finished this book this weekend and will be reviewing it this week. Stay tuned. Great read. A cold drink of water for needy, hurting Christians, but a nice slap in the face for the Pharisee crowd. Support for those who have kids that are challenging, without the usual gag me with a pitchfork, Christian jargon and advice. Thank you Brenda Garrison!
 Have a GREAT WEEK! 

A Call Out to My Home-schooling Mamas on Monday (Help!)

Credit!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);js.id=id;js.src=”//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js”;fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,”script”,”twitter-wjs”);

This will be the briefest Monday post ever.

Here’s why:

Last week will go down in my personal history as the most radical U-Turn I have ever made. 
My husband and I decided we needed to Home School my daughter.
This story is too long and complicated to get into here.
Suffice it to say, this is our decision and her desire.
We did Home School for one year – Kindergarten. I loved it and used My Father’s World curriculum. But 7th grade is a whole different BEAST. This mom is a little ….
shh, lean in, will you?

We like to put our communication in writing in this family.
This was Katherine’s signed document. She asked me to tell her my objections and concerns, after which, she carefully addressed in writing each one as well as a commitment to uphold the appropriate expectation. We will be doing a Parents version this week. 

This caused me to panic at first since I really had a lot of plans, including getting into this neglected room and working on a few writing and craft projects. 
Apparently panic helps me to get organized. 
By Monday we could find the floor!
Yay, me!

So this week I am asking you to give me your best Home School advice, tip and/or favorite helpful link
If you never have Home- Schooled before, just say a quick prayer for my girl and me as we attempt our second week. And send your friends who Home-School right over here to HELP me!

Although this was an abrupt decision, God blessed us with many wonderful gifts this week.

377. Curriculum freely given for Math, Science, English/Lit, Grammar.
378. A gifted membership to our local Home School Group
379. The ability to jump right in and start working 
380. Our History choice available at a local library, including: book, teachers book and activity guide
381. Lots of library time 
382. A freezing beach walk with friends
383. Starbucks on Sunday after church just because
384. Solid support from new friends and old
385. the way God allows new friendships to be birthed in times of need
386. Realization that some people will not understand or support our decision
387. Peace knowing it’s none of the business of #386 what we do, anyway.
388. God’s faithfulness

*Check out my books on Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/5995235-dawn

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